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March Meet-up

Hi everyone, 

As I think most of us seemed to have a very busy about a March meet up. I know that is getting close for some of the April due date ladies, so what date would be best? And location? Did that Einsteins work better a meeting point?

Re: March Meet-up

  • Hi, I'd like to meet up again  :) 
  • I'm out the first weekend of March, but should be free otherwise. Not sure how far the other April moms-to-be are willing to drive, but I have the latest due date and feel OK with Tempe :)
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  • Ok ladies how about the 13th or the following Sunday the 20th? 9ish is still a good time for there is a Paradise and a Coffee Bean at Tempe Market place (and an H&M!) How does that sound? 
  • AEG84AEG84
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    20th would be preferable for me; we're meeting with our doula on the 13th. Coffee Bean at Tempe marketplace works for me!
  • I like the 20th too - and I'm totally down for Tempe Marketplace! Mama needs to get her some maternity shorts for this crazy hot weather!

    Also... anyone heading to the Bump to Breast Fest this weekend in Tempe? 
  • I will be at the Bump to Breast Fest. I'm aiming for being there early and 2 of the girls from the work will be there too.

    Ok so the 20th at Tempe Marketplace at 9
  • Sounds great, see you ladies then
  • AK118AK118
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    Hopefully my car isn't a jerk this time and I'm on time! 
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  • Whoop whoop see you guys there :smiley: 
  • I'm outside the Paradise cafe :)
  • Sorry I missed this!  Any plans for an April meet up?
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  • @jerseygirl227 no worries. Nothing is organised yet.... I know a few of the girls are due this month. Anyone free for April?
  • Is there an April meet up planned?
  • So sorry I missed the march meet up
  • @JessRC1023 @LC&;RDR @jerseygirl227 @jrea0815 @AK118 @AEG84 @allaire314 ;
    I posted an April all those due in April that have been meeting up - sending you all positive vibes!
  • AK118AK118
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    I'll post on behalf of all us April ladies. @AEG84 is currently in the hospital getting things moving and awaiting baby girl's imminent arrival, @allaire314 should be next (yay due date weekend) but no action over there just yet, and I am only 8 days away from due date. My parents arrive from NY on Wednesday, so I'm out of meet-up picture probably until baby hits 2 months-ish. Sorry for missing the March meet-up. Have fun, ladies!
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