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Weaning at 2 months

Breastfeeding for me has been a hot mess since the beginning. My nipple are flat and then became dimpled. I've been using a nipple shield exclusively since day 1. I had horrible engorgement in the beginning. We were somewhat on a routine until my LO hit a growth spurt at week 5/6. All of a sudden she was hungry all the time and I knew my supply was low. I started nursing her and then giving her a bottle of formula (about 2 oz) per our pediatrician's orders. She was much happier but it was draining me. So I started to pump and give her mixed bottles. She was so happy and finally napping well and I was happy and feeling human again and felt like we were finally on a good path. A week later I was dangerously close to full blown mastitis (everything but the fever). I was on bed rest for 4 days and was back to nursing, bottle, pumping.. Taking almost 2 hours every time. I had help during that time and it was ok. Now that I don't have help I'm back to not having time to pump or eat because baby is unhappy because she isn't getting enough in a single feeding. 

My mom has been supportive and told me I've tried my hardest and that sometimes it just not meant to be. My supply is crazy high now after seeing the lactation folks for my mastitis and being on a heavy nursing & pumping schedule.

i think I'm ready to wean and switch her to formula. I get upset when I think about it but I know that's what best for both of us. 

Im going to call her ped and my lactation consultants for advice on how to, but would love to hear your tips and advice. And truthfully any supportive messages because I'm just a hot mess. :(

Re: Weaning at 2 months

  • Are you having a hard time weaning her off of nursing or drying up your supply?
  • @Nyssana drying up my supply.

    our schedule is so messed up today from
    her feedings that she hasn't napped at all today except for the 5 times she would fall asleep for less than 5 minutes, only to wake up because of a sneeze, gas or hiccups. Ughhh
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  • You need to wean very very slowly or you put yourself at risk for mastitis again. There are other things you can try like cabbage leaves in your bra, but my biggest tip, even though you probably are just so over it is to take your time because if you are getting engorged you are at risk for clogged ducts and infection aka mastitis 
  • @Mommyduclos that is my biggest fear. I get engirged after not pumping for 4 hours. 

    Any tips on the best approach?
  • I EBF so I'm no expert here, but when I was talking to an LC about pumping additional milk for backup supply she told me to add in one pumping session at a time. Do that session for a few days before adding another session per day, etc. And, when stopping, to do the same in reverse. So maybe you could start by cutting one pumping session in half. Don't empty the breast. Maybe even pump less than half if you want to be really careful. Continue for a few days. Then eliminate that session altogether. Then transition one BF session to pumping instead, formula feed the baby, and do the same process. Just my two cents! I've never done it but that's the only way I can think of to reduce supply slowly. 
  • @ByeByeSpotts - I have no advice, but just wanted to give you a supportive message.  I ended up crying in my doctor's office today over my low supply and she made me feel so much better.  It's really okay.  There's so much more to being a mom than whether you feed your LO breastmilk or formula, and in the long run, things like bonding with your LO, playing with your LO, and you being a healthy, happy mom are way more important in terms of development and happiness of your child than what she eats.  

    Also, this sibling study about breastfeeding vs formula made me feel much better: http://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2014/03/04/is-breast-feeding-really-better/

    Anyway, hugs to you.  I know how hard it can be to struggle with breastfeeding, especially with all of the postpartum hormones and emotions we're dealing with.  Just focus on loving and bonding with your LO and enjoying motherhood.
  • @Mommyduclos that is my biggest fear. I get engirged after not pumping for 4 hours. 

    Any tips on the best approach?
    Generally they say to cut out one "feeding" at a time, I'd start in the evening when supply is naturally lower. If you are pumping and not actually feeding your baby some moms take a decongestant to help lower supply too, definitely always pump or feed when you are engorged, but you don't have to fully empty you can just pump to comfort but one session at a time- as you cut out each one every few days it'll slowly get easier as your hormones adjust. 
  • I'm confused. Isn't it good that your supply went up? Her not sticking to a schedule at this age is fairly normal, as babies can be easily thrown off by various changes and growth spurts. I just don't want you to be disappointed if you switch to formula and LO still isn't cooperating with a schedule. Hell we were on a great schedule for a bit and today LO went on a nap strike for no apparent reason.
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    Creeping from the February group! It sounds to me like your a great mama! No advice, but i know if I were in your shoes I would not be able to be able to pump, nurse and bottle feed, that just sounds like so much work! I hope the transition goes well for you!!
  • Thanks @maureenmce for the kind words, really appreciate it. I've been such a mess these past 2 weeks, it sucks. But yesterday was a better day mentally, thankfully. Thank you for the article, was a great read. And as my mom said to me, my sister and I were both on formula and we were fine, and my ltitle sister who was bf was very sick all the time when she was little.

    Thanks @Mommyduclos for the tips! I tried extending out my pumps to every 6 hrs but had engorgement by the 3rd pump, warmth all over and chills started and I got horrified that I was going to get my mastitis back so I'm pumping every 4, but trying to cut back on oz (pump 2 instead of 3). Hoping my body makes the adjustment and then I'll try to start dropping a pump session. Have a feeling I'll still be pumping for a while, which I'm totally ok with. 

    @WineBaby122 not really the schedule that was upsetting me. No matter how much or how little milk i have, she still doesn't drink enough. And screams because she is starving. The only way she is full is when she drinks from the bottle. So I was pumping exclusively and adding in a bit of formula per our peditrician because she was low for growth. But then i got Masitis from the pumping. It's the needing to nurse, bottle feed and then pump that is just too much for me. It takes about 2 hrs and LO needs to cooperate for me to even be able to
    pump, and after all that I have to start all over again an hour later. 

    Spent way too much time crying this week. Just don't have any help and exhausted and frustrated.

    Ive gone back to just bottles as of yesterday and 1 nursing session and she and I are already much happier and she actually had 3 great naps yesterday versus the day before when the poor thing was awake all day :(

  • I don't have any advice but just wanted to say it sounds like you are doing a great job! I am so sorry you and your little one are going through this but hopefully you will get things figured out and all of this will be behind you. Keep up the good work mama!
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