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Have you started babyproofing yet?

If so, any suggestions on gates? 

So far I've gotten sockets and I'm looking for table edges. Now that little man is pretty mobile I feel like I need to buy gates ASAP.

Re: Have you started babyproofing yet?

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    We bought gates for our dogs awhile back. My favorite one is this one here. It has extensions that you can put on to lengthen it, and it is super easy to change its layout. Ours sits in the archway between our kitchen and living room. If I ever want to put the curve the other way, for more room, all I have to do is loosen the 'knobs' on the seams and move it.

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  • @Kate08Young thanks for sharing that link. 

    LO is getting super mobile, and she keeps going for the wires hanging out the back of our entertainment center. I guess it's baby proofing time!

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  • I got some gates from big lots, not sure of the brand but they are the regular wood and plastic ones. Every outlet is covered and all of that good stuff. Little man crawls like crazy and other than the kitchen and bathroom I try to let him have free reign to explore =)
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