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What is up with all of these C-sections?

I just don't understand it. Beyond those necessary for medical reasons, why are there so many? Medical literature states that the rate shouldn't top 10%, yet in many hospitals the rates tops 30%. On this forum, many of the birth announcements/stories mention a C-section. I'm curious as to why(again, beyond medically necessary)?

Re: What is up with all of these C-sections?

  • I can't speak for the other moms on here, but I'm guessing most of them had csections for medically necessary reasons and there are many reasons people need them. However, I do agree sometimes Drs jump the gun on them...and I'm not sure why. I've also noticed a decent amount of inductions end with a csection and I wonder if it's just that our body wasn't ready yet??? I'm not really sure why someone would have it done for other reasons or just by choice...the recovery honestly stinks and you can barely do anything for 6 weeks.
    For me with dd1 my only birth plan was that I wanted to avoid a csection at all costs...but ended up having one and felt completely defeated, like my body failed me and it took a while to come to terms with it. I needed a csection because after being induced for low amniotic fluid I did not get past 6cm (only got this far thanks to foley balloon catheter) after 17 hrs of labor and then developed an infection called chorioamionitis where I had a high fever/ throwing up and this put baby in distress.
    This baby is a repeat csection sincle almost every dr wouldn't work with me for vbac...two midwives considered trying if my water broke on its own and I showed dilation on my own (they don't think my body dilates on its own)...but alas this baby is breech anyway. So I will be adding to our csection rate on March 22nd. And it is still honestly not how I want to give birth, but it's safer for me and baby and that's all that matters! 
    I hope all you ladies who had csection are healing well and know that you are birth warriors too! And have the scar to prove it!!
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  • Besides medical reasons I heard some woman get csections to either get a tummy tuck immediately and/or their tube tied to get it done in one shot. Idk though for sure
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  • @ecwk I didn't know that existed, and I'm so much happier now for knowing. Now I have a perfect response when people ask me silly questions...
  • I think the rising rate has more to do with convenience for doctors and liability issues than moms wanting c-sections but I agree with the others, it's not anyone's place to judge. I just hope women feel empowered and educated to make the right birthing decisions for themselves! 
  • My first was medically necessary.  The second was my choice and was best for my mental health at that time. I really don't know what else to say besides that.  I did what was best for me at the time.
  • To be honest I used to also wonder why so many seem to have c sections on here, but there are all kinds of situations where it either is necessary or it's what you need to do to be on the safe side.  After a recent experience of my own where c section is becoming a possibility, I gained some understanding of this.  Maybe some c sections could have been avoided but when you have doctors telling you how risky a vaginal birth could be, it is understandable that so many opt for the c section if the alternative seems riskier. 

    Hats off to all the moms who have gotten them- it sounds scarier and more painful to me (in the long run) than natural birth. 
  • Not that it's your business, but my labor wouldn't progress after 7.5 hours of being stuck at 6cm dilated, so instead of laying there in agony for another 24 hours of labor with an epidural that wouldn't work, my doctor gave me the option of having a C-section because my DD was basically stuck.

    Many women go through life-threatening situations which result in a C-section, but what does it matter? We all deliver our LOs in the end and it shouldn't matter how they get here.
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