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Stop breastfeeding

For the moms that have stopped BFing, how did you know it was time? I never make a bottle so I don't know how much she is getting each time. I do pump in the morning to make with her cereal. When I pump I can barely make 2 Oz. I can't tell if it is because I'm dehydrated from not drinking throughout the night or if my boobs are just not producing enough. My LO never asks for more milk throughout the day. Any advice? 

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  • Definitely drinking water helps SOOOO much!! Keep hydrated mama and drink lots of water and also try oatmeal and apricots!! Keep us updated!
  • I dont have a ton of advice because I basically stopped producing and it was around the time I went back to work so it was easier for my to not try as hard to exclusively BF. My LO is  really good eater though and he gets 6oz, alternating with food. I also make sure he gets his sippy cup daily per doctors recommendations and has some good filtered water in it. I's say go with your gut feeling, if you think it is time to stop then go ahead. Props to you moms who have continued BFing this long, it didnt come so easily to me even though I wish it had.
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  • Is LO doesn't appear hungry and is having adequate wet diapers, your supply is probably fine.  Only getting 2oz when EBF is totally normal.


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  • I'm kind of in the same situation as you: LO doesn't nurse often, I don't produce much when I pump, and my boobs don't feel very full. Baby seems to prefer the food DH and I eat. I'm just going with it.... She still has plenty of wet diapers, and she nurses for comfort as well as for food. So I'll keep nursing her as long as she asks for it.

    I'm kind of shocked by how big my baby is already. She has six teeth!! Maybe I'm mourning the end of our nursing relationship a little. 

    I say go with your gut and do whatever is comfortable for you and baby!
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    @wheresilenceismusic aww my LO has 6 teeth already too. I thought she was just a weirdo. Lol

    I think I'll keep going with BFing. She hasn't actually shown me any signs of hunger. Do you other mama's drink at night still? I hate it because I already pee at least twice a night, and that is without drinking much water. 
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    I still wake up to pump once a night if my baby boy doesn't wake up for a late night feeding. I usually get really thirsty after nursing or pumping so I drink at least 1 water bottle and sometimes 1 1/2. I also wake up to go to the bathroom at least once, sometimes I have to fight to get up lol
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    My LO is still waking up 2 times a night to eat. I try to get at least a little sip in between feedings and then I drink some while pumping. I really struggled while I was pregnant because I barely drank anything during the day beforehand. I really used to absolutely hate water, but now I can tolerate it.
  • You get use to it, believe me now I sleep with 3 water bottles next to me lol but remember BM has a great percentage of water, so water is very important and also helps keeping us hydrated!
  • We had many lactation consultant visits and are still breast feeding but had a rough start. The first 2 months there was alot of lactation visits to make sure he was eating enough and alot of stuff out in place to help. It turns out though that I'm one of 5hose women who could pump till the cows come home and barely get any. But my son can get milk no problem. Some women just don't get much while pumping that could be you as well I know they have an area in the lactate clinics here that you can weigh your baby before a feed and after if you think they aren't getting enough but if your baby isn't asking for more I'm sure you're giving enough. At 3 months old I couldn't produce enough for when he goes through growth spurts so he gets 1 to 2 added formula bottles just to help and I produce alot of milk lol. Just can't pump to save my life. 

    We are thinking of stopping soon due to teeth. My son has a habit of biting down and pulling hard when angry or playing and does that when teething too *which is right now again lol* so for me it's more about how much more I can handle with his biting down. He doesn't always do it but when he does holy ouchies! I love our breastfeeding time though so we're thinking it depends how it all goes but prob stop at a year old. He's currently just over 8 months.
  • My guy could really care less about nursing during the day but still does at night and first thing upon waking. I thought about cutting out the day and going to bottles because it was doing a number on me! But my supply is starting to get used to the minimal feeding during the day so I'm in less discomfort. If I do have to pump during the day, I don't produce much. I think you'll slowly adjust to how often lo feeds. 
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