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Chiropractic care for LO's sleep issues

Hey ladies, I recently had my son napping really well and only up twice at night for a feeding. He's 25lbs and just can't seem to keep his tank full for a 12 hour stretch. I know he's going through some development milestones with the wonder weeks, learning to crawl, pull up, talk and teething but I came across a fantastic article on how the nervous system can really effect babies sleep, from complications at birth which lead to breastfeeding problems to vac extraction or suctioning baby after birth. Anyways this is getting really long I'll attach the link to the article, but have any of you had any positive experiences taking baby to a chiropractor?? Thanks

Re: Chiropractic care for LO's sleep issues

  • I took LO to the chiropractor once. He had reflux and woke up every hour at night. After the visit he seemed more comfortable. He used to move his neck in a weird way like he couldn't get comfortable. After the one visit he stopped that. I was going to continue to take him but on the day of his next appointment I ended up being hospitalized for a couple days and then didn't get around to take him back. He still had the reflux and woke up, If I would have taken him more maybe I would have seen greater improvement. The chiropractor did say he was "out of alignment" in several locations. At first I was a little skeptical that she even did anything because they are so gentle, so I would say its worth a try.

    Also, I did a lot of research before settling on the chiropractor. I initially was looking for a doctor of osteopathy, but there wasn't any in my area.

  • also, is your son on solid foods? you said he's hungry at night. Just wondering if he's really hungry or is stuck on eating until he falls asleep.

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  • Yes he's been on solids now since just before 5 months, he's up to 3 meals and a cracker snack during the day. He drinks around two 8 oz bottles at night. I mean I haven't ruled out that sometimes he may be waking for just a drink to fall asleep but he is capable of putting himself to sleep when he wakes at night as well. He always is tossing his head back and forth and fidgeting like he cannot get comfortable. He also sleeps on his side with his back arched back. He's a VERY high energy child so I think he burns a lot of his calories during the day.
  • my son used to sleep like that a lot too.. then last week he started sleeping on his stomach. I say take him to the chiro if your interested.

  • I've been taking my LO to see a chiropractic since he was 6weeks old! He has really bad reflux and seeing a chiropractor has helped him so much! He usually naps better after an adjustment! The adjustments haven't seemed to help with sleeping at night. However, he had colic until 4 months and then hit the four month sleep regression he didn't really learn any good sleep habits until more recently. 
  • Did you do any sleep training to teach your little one better sleep habits?
  • My lo's been going to the chiropractor since she was 2 months. We saw really good results for her acid reflux and she had some next stiffness which completely resolved. She loves her chiropractor. I don't know if the adjustments help her sleep better at night, but she's a great night time sleeper. 
  • Yes! We started sleep training at 7 months. Our pediatrician said it was ok as early as 6 months. We did a modified version of CIO. Basically we put my LO in his crib awake and sang to him to try to calm him. Once calm I left the room. If he cried I gave him 5 minutes to see if he would calm down before I went back in. You are supposed to do the five minutes for the first three days. The first night I ended up going in three times. The second night once and the third night twice. The next three nights I was supposed to wait up to 10 minutes before going back in. This makes the transition gradual. However, we never made it to 10 minutes because he would fall asleep after just a few minutes. Then it starting turning into him crying when I walked away but he would be asleep by the time I shut his door. Now, after about 1.5 weeks, I put him in his crib, sing him a song and leave without ANY tears. He woke up every night at 3am before we tried sleep training. Now he sleeps until almost 6am. Getting him in his crib while he is still awake really made a huge difference. I also honestly think I was goimg in there too quickly before we started sleep training. Ever time I did I would nurse him to sleep and I think it was just becoming a 3am habit. 

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