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Pet names for the lil swimmer

In casual conversation with my husband, this baby has been dubbed "Scuba Steve". How about you?

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Re: Pet names for the lil swimmer

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  • tic tac. the week I went on it said he was the size of a tic tac. and that stuck. 
  • in poppyseed. That was the size of the little swimmer when we found out! 
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  • Cinnabun... because I got a lil spicy bun in this oven!
  • @mrszoess I love Babysizer!!!! I check it every week then screenshot the best one of the week to my husband.
  • Paturkey said:
    Every time I read this title I think, "Sperm? She has a pet name for her partner's sperm or the sperm that fertilized the egg??" And then I realize you're talking about the embryo/fetus. 

    I thought the same thing. I was very confused. Lol. 

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  • @patriciaroberta I'm a peanut m&m this week! my friend from hs is almost due w twins her comparisons are crazy! 
  • Scuba Steve is an awesome fetus name! Honestly, I just call it Parasite. My husband's last name, which the kid will probably get, also starts with a P so the first/last combo has a nice ring to it. :)
  • Peanut was what the husband went with this time and it stuck.   I don't think of it as swimming around though as much as I think of my uterus being used like a bouncy castle  ;)

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  • So far it's jellybean, the weekly fruit (blueberry until tomorrow), or mystery child :) That started because whenever DH leaves on a work trip I bury a note in his suitcase and sign it from "Your Girls." This last trip it was "Your Girls plus Mystery Child" and it kind of stuck. 
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  • We've been calling it Lil Bean since we found out. I'm convinced it's a girl even though we're team green so husband called it Lil Ms Princess Bean yesterday. 
  • Right now it's Bubble tea or chili bean because I've been craving bubble tea, and chili bean because of the heartburn. 

    Earlier on on when morning sickness was at its worst I may have called him/her "Eppy-Cac".. (ipecac)
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  • Right now its it gets bigger and know the sex it will change.  
  • We tend to go with Parasite...  None of our parents like it, but we find it honest and funny.  Once we know what we're having, I'm sure this will change. :)
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  • Bear Cub, Baby Bear, and Nugget. We use them all interchangeably. 
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  • My SO doesn't call it anything, I think he's still in shock. I, however, go between bubs and beans. 
  • Just "beebee" or as FI likes to joke, "beebees" since he is so certain there is more than one. I'm sure something more creative is bound to happen further down the line.
  • mrskratt said:
    Boy Sister.
    Because that's what my 2 year old daughter wants. She wants a boy sister haha. 
    That's so cute.

    Gummy bear! 
  • smmatt08 said:
    dam0ne4 said:
    Hilarious, we decided Voldemort on the way to work this morning! 

    Love it!  Even if I find out the baby is a girl, it will still be Severus lol

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  • Hazelnut. Our DD was Cashew so we kept it in the nut family. 
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  • I just call it "the baby" I have noticed that DH has been calling him/her "Lil Dino" lately :/

  • Little bean or Reese's Pieces. 

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  • We were calling ours the Duckling and calling each other mama duck and papa duck. Now that there's two, they're the ducklings or the flock haha
  • CaptainPhasmaCaptainPhasma member
    edited March 2016
    Sprout, since it's sprouting inside me and reminds me of the French term of endearment petit chou for little cabbage or brussel sprout.

    Edit to add I also thought "little swimmers" referred to sperm
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  • Blueberry! Ever since the app said it was that size. 
  • Rainbow 


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  • We tend to go with Parasite...  None of our parents like it, but we find it honest and funny.  Once we know what we're having, I'm sure this will change. :)
    @breweber2010 We are in the Parasite club as well, lol. My husband actually called one of our friends that lives out of state & told her that we just found out I had a parasite...she was all worried and asked if I was going to be ok and he said yeah, she'll be about 9 months or so. She was ready to kill him!

  • This one hasn't earned a nickname yet. Our first was Kermit/Kermie. I had an adorable frog hat for him to wear after he was born. I was pushing for Piggy this time, but DH hates it. Boo!

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  • We are calling baby Little Willie. Our last name is Willerton and by husband's nickname has always been big Willie. He is 6'9", so that's why. Ha. 
  • Gummy Bear!  That's what the u/s looked like when we finally passed our previous loss dates.
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  • I call my twins the meatballs, and my husband calls them master blaster...This will only make sense if you've seen Mad Max 2: Beyond Thunderdome. It's a little person, sitting on top of a giants shoulders. They live in Barter town....So my husband will occasionally yell at my belly "WHO RUNS BARTER TOWN?!!!"....We're dorks. 
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