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  • @Knottie9983816 kick that SOB in the face if he tries that shit again. That's not professional. Perhaps that's the reason you need stirrups. Andplusalso I've never even heard of a pelvic exam without the use of stirrups. That sounds horribly awkward. 

  • @Knottie9983816 kick that SOB in the face if he tries that shit again. That's not professional. Perhaps that's the reason you need stirrups. Andplusalso I've never even heard of a pelvic exam without the use of stirrups. That sounds horribly awkward. 
    Last time I was in like a frog position and I cried from pain afterwards. This time wasn't as bad because I put my feet up on the table. The no lube part pissed me off to no end though. Yes I'm "technically lubricated" with all the extras I've been producing, but it is not the same thing, and that shit freaking hurt.

  • Joness11 said:
    WTF is it with everyone having to ask "are you excited???" If I have to answer that question one more time I might lose it. I feel like I must be an awful person for being annoyed but seriously. 
    I'm beyond annoyed with that question too... Today someone asked me, and then proceeded to tell me she just entered the second tri and isn't sure how she feels about it yet. I basically just said it's ok to not be, you'll still have the same end result. She started laughing and said thanks. I guess my sarcasm made her day lol.
  • @TKaiser91 The doctor gave us two suggestions on what to do for bedtime, both involve disrupting her schedule to throw her off. Putting her to bed earlier/later than usual, and if she had a consistent time of waking up (always starts almost on the dot at 1am) to wake her up an hour before that to control it and throw her off. So miserable night last night (DH says she was up at least 10x), fought and refused a nap today, exhausted her by pool time, AND put her to bed an hour later...she has already been up TWICE. I mean, wtaf?! I can't even deal. I tried to get her but she screamed only for daddy and hit me in the face. So daddy eventually came, on 3hrs of sleep since Monday, and got in bed with her...exactly what the doctor said not to do. So I yelled at him and told him that unless he expects to sleep with her the next year that he shouldn't do that. But he says at least he can try to sleep tonight if he's in there. Awesome. You enjoy the problem you're creating because in a few weeks I will not be available to help because I'll be up feeding a baby all night. And then be home all day with a 2 year old who screams for daddy and won't nap, and a newborn. Thanks. This has to be some kind of horrible nightmare...
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  • @imrachellea I don't have any mom experience but when I was a kid I was not a napper, plain and simple. I still have a lot of trouble sleeping if it's light outside no matter how tired I am. We had a rule, though, that we went to our rooms for an hour to 1 1/2 hours every afternoon and stayed there without making a peep. If I was tired, I fell asleep but if not, I just played quietly until my mom said it was ok to get up. With six kids, I'm convinced this is the only reason we all survived into adulthood. It probably only worked because if we weren't quiet we'd get whooped when dad came inside from the farm, but maybe there'd be a way to implement something similar? Your whole situation sounds absolutely hellish and I can't imagine dealing with an overtired toddler plus a newborn, especially because the more tired kids are the worse they sleep. 

  • I sympathize with all of the 'toddler not napping' situations happening right now, but at the same time am totally jealous that, up to this point, your kids have actually napped like normal children. Once he was out of infancy stage, getting DS to take a legitimate nap was laughable at best. He just would not do it. At daycare, he has always been touch and go, but he was the kiddo that was usually told to sit on his cot and be quiet while his friends napped. He is just a bad sleeper in general though, he has the hardest time settling in, and we tried just about everything we could. Once he's out, he's out at least. Even still, dealing with him and a newborn alone at night is looking to be interesting. Hang in there mamas! 
  • To all you mom's struggling with toddler sleep issues, I really recommend the book "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child". We used it with our daughter because I was nursing her to sleep and she would NOT fall asleep without being held, and let me tell you, it worked wonders! It does recommend crying it out, which some people don't like,  and the process was painful for almost 2 weeks, but my now 2 year old has been consistently sleeping 12-13 hours at night with a 2-3 hour nap since we started around 7 months. Just a suggestion for you sleep-deprived mom's!  There is nothing in the world like a good night sleep, and I wish you could have it again! 
  • @imrachellea luckily bedtime is still ok for us. When she wakes up during the night it'sbusually because she peed through her diaper and it's an easy fix. I would go crazy if DH was doing the opposite of what the doctor recommended though. Especially once you're home with a newborn and you are the one dealing with a sleep deprived toddler. I wonder if the fact that daddy comes in every time she cries is the reason she continues to do it. Same principle as when they throw a fit because they want something at the store. You dont buy it because if you do then they realize crying gets them what they want. Maybe it's like that? I'm no doctor though so I could be way off base. Hopefully your DH starts doing what the doctor recommended and it works out.  Hugs for good luck!
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  • Thanks fur ask the encouragement guys :) @AmadorRose i would actually be just fine if she had some quiet time in her room...but she won't do it. We tried. We figured we can't make her nap, but we can leave her be for and hour or two. But she still yells for us. I mean, I'm glad she wants us around, I know that won't last forever, but damn if we don't need a break. She is so ON all the time, it's exhausting, we need a bit if time to recoup for the rest of the day! 

    So DH did come back to our room around midnight. She was up again at 1:45, but I would not let him go to her. I told him he had to let her be. If anyone went to her it would be me, since she actually wanted daddy. It took her several times of me going in until she'd let me hold her. I calmed her, sang her one song, put her back down. Somehow, I don't know how, I managed to slowly leave the room. Every few feet I told her I was right on the couch if she needed me. And somehow, I got out. She had her eyes on me the whole time, and for the first time in three weeks, she fell asleep without us in the room. She has been sleep now since 2 (its a bit after 7). I slept on the couch, told DH to get some sleep and that I would handle last night. So I'm super achy and sore (the couch is NOT the place for night sleep at 9 months pregnant). But she slept some at least...
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  • @imrachellea yay! Five hours is five hours! How old is your daughter? I was just thinking about one of my nephews, who was an absolute monster around age two. He was so awful that none of the family could stand to be around him - screaming all the time, violent, never sleeping, etc. His mom got so fed up with him that she removed everything, even clothes, from his room and stand outside his door to hold it shut at nap time and bedtime. She was sure he wouldn't hurt himself, was pregnant, and had a 4-year-old. It was the only way she could figure out how to not give in to his tantrums because he was honestly the shittiest toddler I have ever met and would get violent with her and her daughter if he was not essentially trapped in his room. I know many people don't like letting them cry it out, but he is now an incredibly well-adjusted, polite 10-year-old. 

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    @AmadorRose She's two :p We know this is a developmental thing (believe me, we have done mass amounts of reading these past few weeks!), confirmed yesterday by her doctor, but it is just the worst parenting phase we've experienced so far. She is a super sweet, silly, and goofy girl, just won't sleep! Nap and nighttime has become a fearful time for me, if I'm honest. We will be getting a doorway gate for her room today and it's going to just take some screaming I guess, but she has GOT to get through this before baby comes! In my MOTN reading last night, I read this 2 year sleep regression lasts 2-6 weeks...oi vay...
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  • @imrachellea hopefully it'll stick on the shorter end! And at least she's good the rest of the time, I just can't imagine dealing with a cranky, overtired toddler all day, every day. 

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