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BF question

some days my daughter nurses a regular amount of time between 15-20 minutes total.  Some feeds she nurses for 40 ish minutes.  However there have been a few days where she nurses for less than 10 minutes total each feed and screams bloody murder if I try to get her to latch back on.  Should I be worried she isn't eating for long enough? It's not like she is hungry sooner she still goes 3+ hours during the day and her 6+ hour stretch at night.

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  • If she doesn't want to eat, don't make her. When my little guy pushes my nipple or bottle out of his mouth, I leave him be unless he tries to eat again. As long as she's gaining weight I wouldn't worry. 
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  • Same as pp have said, it varies from feed to feed. I just follow whatever LO shows for eating. I think also during long nursing sessions that shes done actually getting milk and nursing for a little comfort. As long as you're getting the right amount of diapers and they're getting some sleep and otherwise normal acting , it's all good!
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    My baby almost always only eats 8-10 mins per feed and only on one side however he seems satisfied is gaining a ton of weight and has ten million wet diapers a day (small exaggeration) but I would just follow your baby's cues and not worry :) 
  • My baby only eats for 6 minutes at a time and she is gaining weight great so I don't think you should worry.
  • Thanks ladies.  It was just worrying me that she is varying so much day to day.  It's whole days that she only eats a little and then some whole days she eats a lot.  I will talk to the ped tomorrow but thanks for easing my mind 
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