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Belly "bruises?"

I had sharp pains about midway between my hip and belly button all weekend. I called my doctor on Monday, and she didn't seem at all concerned, and said it was probably round ligament pain. She told me to monitor for a fever or bleeding and call back if any of that happened. (it hasn't)

Now in that exact spot I have a nasty bruise, with a red "ring" around it of swelling. I did not bump into anything, and have been super careful of my belly (so I would have noticed if I did.) I'm hesitant to call the doctor back, since it really is the same issue she already told me not to worry about... should I call anyways? Anyone had this happen?

Re: Belly "bruises?"

  • I would have it looked at
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  • ^wss. Time to go in I would say or call the nurses line.
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  • For sure have it looked at. Red rings are never good

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    I called in and the doctor said it's probably a torn muscle from my stomach expending so fast. NBD...  :o  :s Filing this under "Things no one ever told me about pregnancy." On bed rest for a couple weeks to let it heal. *sigh*

  • Glad everything is okay! 
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