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Baby boy name opinions please!

We have a baby boy due March 18th. We're currently considering these final two names. Please let me know what you think and what you prefer.

Lincoln Alexander Laing
Grey Alexander Laing. 

Your opinions are appreciated!

Re: Baby boy name opinions please!

  • Gray! I never liked the name Lincoln though. 

  • i would say Lincoln. 
    you should try this over on the Baby Names board. you'll probably get a lot more responses over there. 
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  • Lincoln is so cute and catchy with your last name!
  • Grey was #2 on our list :) But our list didn't have Lincoln! Great name. 
  • I personally think Lincoln is a little overused, Grey is very cute and unique!
  • I like Grey! I've never liked Lincoln. 

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  • I like Lincoln the best. Grey Laing sounds like a medical condition!
  • Lincoln all the way!
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  • Our baby's middle name is Gray after his late grandmother's maiden name. People have already asked me if it's after Christian Grey from 50 shades. People are dumb. Just something to consider though... I'm sure it will fade over the years. 
  • They are both cute, I can see how you are having troubles! I like Lincoln good luck!
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