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Sick and fever at 39 weeks

39 weeks FTM.

I thought waiting for baby to arrive couldn't get worse. Saturday I started having nasal symptoms. Monday I had crampy contractions that got closer and stronger so after work we went to L&D. And what do you know, contractions stop... At the hospital I was 1-2 cm and 60% but they kept me a couple hours because my pulse was crazy between 100-130. BP was okay. Finally they let me go. 

Well, this morning I woke up with a FEVER. Granted it was low-grade at 99.8, however I still had chills and that feverish feeling. I called my doctor and he scheduled me to come in. At the office, he said I was 2cm and 50% dilated. They did an NST and checked my BP throughout. My doctor was concerned about my BP and my pulse. He told me that I need to monitor my BP and notify him if any readings are above 140/90. he said he "could make a case to induce" me Thursday after my ultrasound due to my "diet controlled" gestational diabetes (I never really changed my diet and my readings are rarely over 100), my high blood pressure, and my two-vessel cord. I asked him if it was safe to wait for natural labor and he said not if my BP is still high. 

I've had a couple high "borderline" readings at appointments that went lower after they checked a second time. I have no headache or protein in my urine; however my BP at home has been 140-150/80-90 pulse 100-110. 

Has as anyone been induced just for high blood pressure and pulse? What are your thoughts? Any questions I should ask my doctor when I go in on Thursday? I feel like my pulse is high because I'm sick. I definitely do NOT want to deliver now feeling sick with fever. I was kinda disappointed Monday when my contractions stopped, I really thought it was the real deal. 

I feel like my body was ready for labor then shut down because it knew I was getting sick! The waiting game continues...

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  • Ugh, I know the feeling! I went to L&D on Friday with contractions that were 3-4 minutes apart lasting 40 seconds to a 1 minute. Get there and they slowed to 8 minutes apart and I didn't progress while there so they sent me home :( I've heard your body won't go into labor if you are sick, it knows you aren't 100%.

    Hope you get over it quickly!!

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  • I'm 38 werks pregnant with a sinus infection. my OBGYN said my pulse is high due to the infection. however if your BP is staying elevated your doctor has good reason to be concerned. its dangerous for you and baby.
  • 37.5 weeks and sinus infection here too - miserable!! Constantly short of breath and dizzy. That is really tricky its a good thing for your doc to keep monitoring as noted above high bp is dangerous but at the same time recovering while sick doesn't sound fun either. On the bright side if they do induce you hopefully a couple of days with rest and mess post-birth will help kick the lingering germs. Good luck! 
  • I don't know. I wouldn't mess with the high BP. My best friend ended up with HELLP because her midwife blew off her high BP, and she almost died. I think he's just being cautious. 
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  • Take care @CalebsHabibi ! Hoping you feel better and the little one comes soon. 
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    Hey, I just had my baby.. But this happened to me 5 Days before I gave birth. It started as a weird tickle in my throat, the next day it was full on body aches and a worse sore throat, the third day I could barely get out of bed. 

    I was having contractions, I was 3cm dialiated, but it wasn't labor. I did have a bladder infection AND I was seriously dehydrated. Did your doctor do a urine analysis and give you fluids? Dehydration can often mimic these symptoms.. I hope you find answers! I would go back in for a urine test and see if you're dehydrated. 
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