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C section or VBAC?

Hey all, I need some opinions! I really want to try for a VBAC but my OB wants to schedule a c section simply because she thinks baby is big and delivering vaginally could be difficult.  It's too late to switch docs, so should I keep insisting that I try for a VBAC or do the C section? Ahh!!

Re: C section or VBAC?

  • Keep insisting. It is rare for someone to create a baby that is too big. For their body. Stick to your guns. 
  • Maybe you can compromise. My doc is 100% supportive of VBAC but my personal plan is that I at least want to start labor naturally. If it results in a c-section so be it. I would also look at the reason for your previous c-section. For me DS1 had the cord on his shoulder so his heart rate kept dropping. He was 7lb 13 oz so not a huge baby. From what I heard measurements/predictions can be off. If you have a safe incision from previously (most likely) then I would refuse a routine C and at least give your body a chance. I would also highly recommend you getting a doula who will be with you the whole time and advocate for you. I didn't with my first because of the cost, but with a C I paid more in the end anyway. I do believe I could have been moving around more with a doula and maybe he could have adjusted himself before it was too late. DH was great in the room but clueless, as was I, so we obeyed the nurses who really were old school and made me stay in my bed.
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  • Maybe have a consult with another OB or midwife. ACOG states that macrosomia (big baby) is not a medical indicative reason for a rcs. I had a vbac with a 10lb baby that was worth it! Stick to your guns mama!

  • Thanks ladies! Cross your fingers for me! DD was 8 lbs 12 oz and was just in a funny position (if I had of moved around more during labour she probably would have got into the right position!). I'm doing acupuncture hoping it will at least start labour before March 7th! 
  • I'm sure by now you've already had baby... But i just wanted to say that just because baby is expected to be big doesn't mean RCS! Lots of mamas give birth to big babies! My BFF had a VBAC and her babe was just shy of 10 pounds. 

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  • I had the same situation with my son. He was large, and the Dr. said I could "try" the natural way, but it most likely wont happen. 26.5 hrs of labor, 3 hrs of pushing, along with complications during the labor, and I ended up with the C-section and gave birth to my 9 lb, 15 oz baby boy. No wonder I couldn't push him out! Listen to your Dr, they know whats best! This time around they are scheduling me c-section again due to the previous,labor complications. Im not fighting it this time. Good luck!
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  • They told me at 38 weeks my dd was almost 10lbs.  She was 8lbs 8oz at 40 weeks delivered.
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