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Share your thoughts and feelings on Johnson and Johnson $72million Talcum powder lawsuit

Does this change anyone mind on using Johnson and Johnson products? 

Re: Share your thoughts and feelings on Johnson and Johnson $72million Talcum powder lawsuit

  • No...but it's pretty crazy!  I'm sure a good majority of us (and babies in general over the past 50 years) have had talc-based products used on us.  You'd think this would be more of an issue by now.  I have only used the cornstarch powder on my daughter if there's a diaper rash issue.
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  • From what I understand, I think this woman used the powder on her lady bits for like 50+ years. I don't have that kind of brand loyalty nor am I in such a succinct routine so I wouldn't really hesitate to use J&J in the future. I've also read that there MAY be a correlation but it's not exactly proven so I expect there to be a successful appeal of this ruling in the future.

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  • From the research I've done its only a risk when you use it on your lady parts.  And it's only their brand.  I use baby powder all the time.  I shower at night and put some on my armpits as a temporary deodorant until the next day.  I also use it in my cleavage to dry up the sweat.  It's a magical thing!  I probably will just avoid buying Johnson & Johnson brand from now on. They've been under a lot of scrutiny lately for a lot of products, so I no longer trust them in general.

    also, FYI, Aveeno is a branch of J&J. There's a lot of people that still don't know that!


  • I already stopped using J&J ages ago because of the ingredients in their baby lines. I also avoid Aveeno, which is sad because I used to like that brand for myself. We use cetaphil shampoo for the girls, or California Baby, but that's kind of expensive.
  • i avoided J&J with my first two babes bc of all the talk about the formaldehyde in the babywash, and talc being maybe problematic around the genitals, but by the time #3 came around, i had been given a bunch of J&J products, and i'm not turning down free. and i had chilled out a lot too, like we don't use very much powder, so i'm not really alarmed about it, and they don't even get baths every day, so i hardly think a few bottles of head-to-toe and shampoo over the course of a couple years is going to be a huge deal, or there would be a lot more going on about it. 
    i do prefer Cali-baby, but as PP mentioned, it is pricier. i grab it when it (or the Shea line or babyganics or whatever else) is on sale, but as long as my littles are using baby products, if there's not a sale on something else, i will just buy the generic store brand version of J&J products, bc kids are expensive!

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