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  • CCLow87 said:
    @blonde151188 I guess I never paid attention to your hair.... But I figured you were blonde! lol 
    Haha my screen name is from way back, I'm not very creative and used to be blonde. I'm more of a dark blonde now, my picture was right after my shower. 
    DS 10/19/09

    DD 3/14/11

    BFP 8/8/12 EDD 4/20/13 MMC @ 9+ wks D&C 9/27/12

    DS2 9/12/13

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  • fbanke42fbanke42 member
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    33+1 FTM.
    A comparison photo from two days before I found out I was KU. I think my boobs are the only things that haven't ballooned but I'm not counting on looking that well rested for at least another decade. 

    I made the mistake of looking at a picture of myself right around when LO was conceived versus now and almost cried.

    I could never pull off a dress like that.

    Now I just want to show off tattoos. I never show off the one on my arm, since I always face the same direction for these photos.


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  • @fbanke42 ; Mike sent that photo to me a few weeks ago and I was like damn...will I ever get that body back?!? I know it doesn't matter in the big picture but it makes me a little sad...on a positive note, methinks I've mastered RBF, even when I'm taking a selfie! 

  • @mumistheword nope, Nope, NOPE!!! No way in hell I'd have a snake on my arm! My ex had them and they creep me the hell out.  I had heebie-jeebies the entire time we lived together.  DD loves her daddy's snakes, but its one of the many reasons I am 100% ok not being together anymore....no thank you!

  • @briterfly84 Completely respect your opinion, and can understand that they aren't for everyone. My father is petrified of them, and won't even come into my business or house if he knows that they are there. If we have a family get together I have to temporarily move them out of sight to ensure that I don't freak anyone out. What I can say is I have been bit by both my snake (blind rescue not pictured here) and a dog (also trying to rescue out of the street) and the snake hurt wayyy less. lol Now if you put a spider in front of me, I'm going to scream, cry, and run the other way.
  • @kalanieileen If that is your sick and tired face, than you are pretty lucky! And the hair is adorable, it looks like it would help keep it from being a nuisance during L&D in a very cute way. 
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