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Introducing solids to breastfed baby

DD has been exclusively breastfed until now.  We just started introducing solids.  I'm curious what the normal schedule is for babies who breastfed and get solids.  How often per day do you feed puréed food vs just breastfed and how much does LO usually take of each.  I know appetite will depend on the baby but I'm curious to hear what the norm is.  We sent puréed food to be fed at daycare before her 12pm bottle today.  She ate 2/3 of one of those gerber first foods packs plus a 5 oz bottle.  That seems like a lot to me!  

Up until this point DD has been eating three 5 oz bottles at daycare (9,12,3) and nursing at 6am and 6pm. She sleeps through the night. Should we make her 12pm bottle smaller since she's getting solids?

Re: Introducing solids to breastfed baby

  • The majority of nutrition is still supposed to come from breast milk. She really shouldn't be decreasing her milk. How old is she? Sounds perfect to me 
  • I can't believe I forgot to say that!  She just turned 6 months this week.
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  • The milk amount should stay the same while the food gradually increases over time. I usually just fed my baby milk first, then let him eat until he no longer wanted any more solids. He wound eat about a tablespoon at first. Kellymom has great resources to read about this.
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  • Have them feed the milk first and then the food!  That way, she's getting the milk and not just filling up on the solids.
  • So we are starting our LO on solids on Sunday (skipping cereal for now) and going for probably avocado/sweet potatoes not sure which yet. So we are planning on starting at dinner time ( both of us are home) and well do you do this every night? or what is the normal thing to start with? once a week? once a day for how long? what have been all of your schedules with LO I know plan on using the 4 day rule (waiting 4 days to introduce something new)
  • I think that you are overthinking it- baby will drink or eat until they are full and then will stop on his or her own. My son is 11 months and still EBF. I started giving him solids (skipped cereal) at around 6 months. I started with dinner, then after a couple weeks added breakfast and lunch. Solids is more for the experience at this age. Still give your baby the same amount of milk as you always would. Now that he's almost 1, he has 3 meals and 2 snacks a day. Go with your gut and don't worry about being too scientific and precise about it.
  • Did anyone notice a decrease in the amount of milk LO drinks during the day when you started a second meal? Ex. I just started providing LO with lunch in addition to dinner we have been giving.  I gave strict instructions to the daycare that I want the bottle to be given FIRST and then to feed my LO lunch.  I have noticed that the chart that gets sent home shows that LO is drinking less than normal ounces at each bottle.  Is this normal and expected? I just was under the impression the milk should remain the same and the foods, as said before, are just for practice/experience mainly? Should I decrease the solids given during lunch?  Just worried he will not be getting his nutrients he needs from the milk if he keeps decreasing--especially once I introduce breakfast later
  • @ABombard12 - I just asked my pedi about this,  since I have seen a slight decrease in Oz lo is drinking too (some days more than others).  I've been kinda worried about it,  because everyone pushes the idea that milk shouldn't decrease.   But our pedi said something that made sense to me... "isn't that the idea... that he starts eating more real food as he gets older"

    I guess I just kind of had this light bulb moment.   As lo gets older,  I'm obviously going to transition him off a milk only diet,  so I guess it needs to start somewhere.   Assuming lo is healthy and gaining weight, and is getting closer to 1 (my LO is 7 months)... I wouldn't stress too much about it.   Some days if I notice a big drop in his milk, I'll try to sneak in an extra nursing session or bottle... but that's about it. 
  • @kayciejoe56 wow talk about a light bulb moment. I mean I guess I knew that obviously he will transition off a milk only diet, I guess with all the 'milk is his main source of nutrition until one' talk I almost didn't remember that yes, he will be eating food food as he gets older ha Makes me sad to think like that though, since he is growing so fast but thank you for the comment!  I have also been sneaking in some extra nursing sessions to compensate :)
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