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Looking for suggestions on good maternity bras, i am only 6 weeks pregnant and the girls are growing pretty quick. Should i just jump into a maternity bra?

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  • I hear ya! I'm seven weeks and already almost two sizes!! I think it depends on comfort, my breasts hurt so bad I can only wear a sports bra. 
  • If you can wait a few more weeks, I'd wait. Invest in tanks with built in bras for now. I went to a few stores while in 1st tri, and the ladies there all told me that I'd grow out of them before 3rd tri. At almost 25 weeks, they were right, as I now barely fit in some of my tanks I bought. Save your money if you and "the girls" can tough it out a few more weeks :) 

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  • I'm having this same problem glad to hear I'm not alone. After reading this though I may just go buy a few cheap support ones at target until I get closer to my due date. Thanks for the insight @sdLindenberg and I'll be working on toughing it out and hopefully not popping out until then! ;)
  • @Lindsayleigh1989 I either live in my tanks or a sports bra. I have those nice soft microfiber ones that have enough give in them to be comfy, but they have enough structure to them to support me. Plus side to the cheap ones is that they usually come in multipacks!! 

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  • Motherhood has a couple clearance ones right now. I'm considering dropping some cash and getting something that fits now, even if I can only wear them for a couple months. My sports bras are all a bit tough to get on/off without causing pain, so I'd have to invest money either way in order to be comfortable. 
  • You'll fluctuate sizes a few times. In the third trimester and then after your milk comes in. Buy one or two at first if you have to like others say.  

    Also so motherhood maternity bras are junk. They wash up terribly, and they become uncomfortable. Nordstrom will make any of their bras into nursing bras and I highly recommend it. I just keep an eye out for their clearance racks to save. Their nursing bras are hands down some of the best qualities, especially if you got bigger breasts.  This is definitely an area where I splurge. 
  • I bought two $17 nursing bras at target late in the first trimester that were sized S/M/L. They lasted my whole pregnancy for the most part- I had to purchase a bra extender and toward the end they were fairly tight in the cups. I can still use them but for the most part I wear tank tops with built in bras. I would recommend buying a couple nursing tanks later on (I just use regular ones I already owned). 
    I also bought a nicer nursing bra around 8 weeks pp that I wear when going out for more than a quick errand. 
    If you plan on returning to work and pumping, a combo nursing/pumping bra might be handy. I've just gotten a weekend job so I'll be investing in one of those. 
  • I bought couple from brand is the CAKYE and the other is called Bravado. I found them to be very good and high recommend them and lasted almost my whole pregnancy. Would def buy again.
  • Last pregnancy, I used the Gilligan & O'Malley (target brand) nursing/sleep bra (like a sports bra but softer and stretchier, not as restricting. no underwire) during pregnancy for sleeping. I sized up a few times during pregnancy for daytime bras, and then switched to nursing bras/tanks for post-partum. If you plan to nurse, Bravado tanks and bras are very supportive but also expensive. Ebay usually has some good deals on gently used nursing clothes.

    After weaning, your breasts will shrink down in much the same fashion they grew during pregnancy, so keep all the transitional bras on hand for this purpose.
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