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Opinions please!

Hi all, I just posted this on the July 2016 moms forum before noticing that there was a cloth diapering board in existence ! So I apologize if this is a repeat for some of you.

  We are first time parents and have recently decided that we want to try cloth diapering.  To be honest, I was pretty hesitant at first, but after doing some research it looks totally doable and I'm actually excited to try!  But my question is...with all of the options out there, how did you choose?!

So far, I really like the GroVia hybrids (http://www.grovia.com/grovia-live-package-mixed.html) and think that this is what we will ultimately use so long as baby likes them.  But what about for the newborn stage?  I've heard that these hybrids (and a lot of cloth diapers in general) can be a bit big for newborns, though the website indicates that they can be used for newborns. Also, I know lots of folks who have gone with disposables for the first few months, both to cut down on laundry when you already have enough to do with taking care of a little one and also because the fit is just better.

I did find a newborn hybrid option, however, with gdiapers (http://www.gdiapers.com/shop/starter-bundles/newborn-bundle/) which looks promising!

Does anyone have any experience with any of these?  I'm not really interested in trying all-in-ones or some of the other options...it just feels like hybrids will work best for us. 

Thank you!!

Re: Opinions please!

  • Great choice in cloth diapering!!
  • Omg I just wrote the longest post and then it somehow only posted the first sentence?? Ugh.

    Long story short is a felt overwhelmed and ended up just buying the brands that were available to me buying locally: funky fluff, AMP, GroVia one, and China cheapies (bought online).

    - I love them all for different reasons
    - don't committ to just one brand until babe is here and you can experiment with fit and everything as they grow

    - we started at one month and would do that again with future babies

    good luck! 

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  • Read the info on the sticky - I think/hope it's still there.

    I never used either Grovia or G Diapers so I can't speak from personal experience.  From reading other's opinions over the past 3 years, the Grovia are well liked and G Diapers are only liked by most who use them during the nb/small sizes.

    I used prefolds and covers for Pip when he was a nb.  They were a great confidence building starting point for me as it's almost impossible to ruin a prefold and they're inexpensive and have so many uses.

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  • I use AIOs but I've heard/read great things about Grovia!
  • If you go back through old posts, you'll find that most people find prefolds or flats + covers to be the most foolproof setup for newborns. People usually get a combination of types of diapers for their newborn stash, to see what they like, and also to have some "easier to use" diapers for other caregivers who might find prefolds/flats perplexing (but really, they're not that hard). Fitteds also get a lot of love but tend to cost a smidge more. greenmountaindiapers.com has a lot of really great pictures and explanations of different options. I like how their website is organized -- moreso than other retailers, I feel like the pictures really give you an idea of what to expect.

    Also there are a few vendors that offer trial packages, and that's a nice way to try different styles and brands. It's usually a good idea to have a diverse stash. You never know when your child's body shape will change such that your favorite diapers all of a sudden aren't fitting right. We went through nearly a year at one stage, where our favorite diapers just didn't seem to fit right, no matter how I put them on. But thankfully we had plenty of other diapers in other brands that still worked well for that time.

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    Prefolds are definitely the foolproof option, even though they require baby origami. 

    My tater tot is 5.5 months old and I'm going to move to cheap pocket diapers that I stuff. 
  • I use happy flute AIOs for my newborn. They work just like disposables and go through the wash really well. They take longer to dry. I don't like stuffing or origami or those snappies as my baby is super wiggly and I'd need more arms to get all that coordinated. DH has no problem with them, but he gets the disposables too loose as there's no snap to guide him.
  • I like prefolds and covers for newborns. Newborn size inserts with a newborn cover (newborn hybrid basically) almost guaranteed having to change the cover every single change with all of the newborn popping. Prefolds offer some more coverage meaning you can actually get the benefit of the hybrid system sometimes, reusing the cover!
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  • I use prefolds and covers for at home because its just best for me. I love our Best Bottom and Flip covers. We do own a few Grovia hybrids and they are great (H loves them and they are easy for him) what I love about them is their snap in inserts fit with other brands' covers too. If we are going out or kids are with grandparents etc we use Imagine brand pockets and they are amazing 
  • I use Rumparooz pocket diapers. They go down to 6 lbs, so unless you have a really tiny nb, they would fit. I never went the pre fold route because I work and send DD to my MIL during the day, so pocket diapers are much easier to deal with. I have a couple of g diapers, but I wasn't too much of a fan. The hybrids, while nice, are noticeably less absorbent. I prefer Flip Hybrids to g diapers, though, and have a few in my diaper bag for emergencies. I like the ease of use of the Rumparooz. They can be washed and dried all together, have been really absorbent, and the people who watch DD don't have to learn diaper origami. I think if you have particular desires (using all natural materials, getting the most cost-efficient options, etc.) then you probably will find that the diapers you chose for those reasons will work fine. I love cloth and don't regret switching for a minute!
  • When I first researched I liked grovia hybrids best, but still bought a variety of kinds to try out. So glad I did-I didn't like grovia at all, ended up selling them! The inserts can rarely be reused with a BF baby-they don't contain poop, a and the cover isn't wipeable. The cover is too narrow to go over most prefolds/fitteds. Flips are better to use, but don't last-velcro and elastics wear within months. 

    For DD1 I used over 20 brands covering all styles. For baby #2 for newborn I had prefolds for day, fitteds for night (absorbent, easy to put on), and AIOs for outings and DH. For my OS stash I am using imagine flats, snappied, with rumparooz covers at home. Fuzzibunz OS pockets stuffed with hemp flats for going out/daycare. DH has Happy Heinys velcro pockets that I stuff with cotton flats. Night I use bamboo flats with hemp boosters in a blueberry coverall.

    Great thing with cloth is the resale value. After using for up to a year and a half on DD1, one of my fitted diapers sold for $35! I was able to sell the high end fitteds and aios to purchase all of my flats for stuffing. I donated my microfiber inserts and cheap pockets to a cloth diapering charity that loans cloth to low income families.
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