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Bridesmaid 2 months post partum

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First off - congrats to all of you in this group!! I'm still early in my first tri, but I have a wedding about two months after the expected due date. We're doing a lot of wedding stuff now and haven't told anyone yet, waiting until second tri most likely. I realize I probably can't have a huge role in planning her shower that will be two weeks after the due date, which stinks. The bride is sweet, I only see her being understanding. But I want to be realistic about my limitations so I don't agree to do something and then I can't. And the bride and I are both big planners. 

Those of you who are about eight or so weeks into true motherhood, what concerns or problems do you think I may run into? I know dress alterations will be fun, so the dress shopped advised me to go one size larger. And I also assume my husband will have to be there with the baby so I can feed (assuming I can breastfeed)...and maybe just hide outside of the chapel. am I crazy thinking I can do this? 
Thank you!!! 

Re: Bridesmaid 2 months post partum

  • One of my bridesmaids was 6 weeks pp at my wedding.  She left the baby home with her parents and used a private room we had set up for pumping before the ceremony and during the reception.  She and her husband also left on the early side since the baby still wasn't sleeping through the night and they were exhausted

  • I'd say have milk available at home for the baby and pump at the wedding. Make sure you've given the baby a bottle multiple times before the wedding date. That way you know he/she will take it. It took us 5 different bottles before we got it right with our DD. Also if you'll be feeding frozen milk, make sure you try giving that to the baby in advance as well. If there is high lipase in your milk your baby may reject the taste of it after its frozen and you'll need to scald it before feeding. 

    If you have a place to pump with power that's great otherwise you'll need a manual pump. If you're not drinking have a cooler available to store the pumped milk. 

    Remember your baby can arrive up to 2 weeks late so may be even younger than you expect at the time of the wedding.  Regardless, remember to enjoy yourself. Being away from LO at a young age can be really tough. But it's tough on us, not them. Babies thrive even when we aren't around. 

  • @nackie & @Ceridwen77 thank you both!! It's nice to get advice from someone who really knows!  <3
  • I agree with everything pp have said. Though I will add that unless you're uncomfortable, you can reasonably have a drink every hour or two and still save the milk you pump. The basic rule most LC's support is if you're safe to drive you're safe to nurse. So if you're at the legal limit of .08 in your blood stream you can look at it as being for every hundred drops of milk there are 8 drops of alcoholic milk. 
    Pumping and dumping is really unnecessary unless you're actually drunk. And personally if I thought I had had a little too much I'd wait an hour longer to pump to save the milk. 
  • My sister was a bridesmaid at our sister in-law's marriage about 6 weeks after her daughter was born. It worked out fine. She did have to have her dress taken in significantly since the shop talked her into a huge size. One or 2 sizes larger should be fine. My breast pump takes batteries, so if you have a choice under the insurance plans, opt for one that can be used without the power cord. Manual pumping is hard. Also, the only time my sister leaked was in that dress, so don't forget shields for your bra just in case. Enjoy your new baby and the wedding!
  • @Knottie4978096 oh that's really important!!! Definitely shields!! Thanks!!!

    @taysun glad you pointed that out. Of course want to toast with the ladies and it'll be nice to enjoy a few drinks. But no need to dump of not even necessary!! 
  • See if you can influence the dress selection,
     if possible, to one that you won't have to completely undress to pump or breastfeed.  (A back zipper is much easier to deal with than a side zipper).  Dress sizing will depend on how the dress is fitted, keep in mind your boobs are going to get bigger!  
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