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Can I Just Complain for a Minute?

So I have a BRU account from when DD was born. The car seat we had with her has expired and our stroller has seen better days, so I started a registry on there to collect travel systems I liked and to keep me from actually buying stuff.

Some how my in-laws found it and they just called DH from their vacation in Hawaii about it. He denied everything, but when we DO tell them (the plan was on Easter Sunday; it's 3 days after our heartbeat appointment) it's going to be nothing but "I knew it!" instead of happy surprise. I'm so irritated. And DH isn't  making me feel any better; he's basically just ignoring my text messages right now so I'm just sitting here seething at work.

Plus, there's a girl at work, any time I say anything about not feeling well, her immediate response is "Are you pregnant?!" which is fine, cause we're work friends, but she won't let it go. She keeps telling me she can keep a secret and all this stuff, and it's getting annoying...
There are other people I need tell first, lady!!

And last but not least, the plague is running rampant all over the office, so I can't tell if I feel like crap because I'm building a person or because I have the freakin' flu.


Thank you for listening.
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Re: Can I Just Complain for a Minute?

  • Bless your heart. 
  • I have people guessing that I'm KU, too, and it suuuuuucks. Consequentially, a rando from my Zumba class found out I was pregnant before my own parents and close friends. When she asked, I was completely caught off guard and sputtered and stammered until she refused to believe I wasn't. UGH. SUCKS. 
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  • kmallskmalls
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    Wait, how the hellllll did your inlaws find the registry in the first place? Do they stalk BRU on the regular?? I'm sorry that happened, that's SUPER annoying! 
  • Seriously how odd they found it! Agree though I would be annoyed as well. I've actually held off on doing one for this exact reason.
  • I haven't had anyone guess but I can definitely relate to the annoying BRU registry setup! I think from the last time I had one it might also show up if they googled either of your names (esp if you linked it to, although that still doesn't explain why they'd be searching. I saw a suggestion on one thread about temporarily putting a fake name since there doesn't seem to be an option to make the registry private...I did that plus fake due date. It's hard being sick at work but maybe for now if you want to dodge the associated questions just try to avoid talking about not feeling well? I hope you feel better!
  • I accidentally had to tell my boss before my parents. My parents still don't know
     However, I trust my boss to keep it to herself and not spread it around the store. 

    Why would your in laws be searching your name?? The only registry I have started is Amazon because you can set it to private. Otherwise, I just have things sitting in carts until I actually tell everyone. 
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  • How annoying!  Seriously though...they went looking for your registry.  I wonder what made them do that?!?

    I created a BRU registry under a fake name with a fake due date with efforts to keep me from buying everything I see that's baby related.  When I'm ready for people to see my personal shopping list, I will create a real one and copy the items from my fake registry using the option provided by BRU.
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  • So annoying. How the heck id they find your registry?
    I told one of my friends I'm pregnant and said please don't tell. Right away she told someone. Not happy. Won't be telling her anything again. Some friend. I also have people guessing and asking me and it's hard to say no. I do not think I am believable. 
  • 1st I'm glad I'm not the only one that did this. I started an amazon registry to keep track of the stuff I liked. And 2nd how crazy that they found it!!!!! That's soooo weird. I'm sure they'll still be excited when you do tell them though. 
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  • Ohhh @littlewillie2016 I'd be so mad! Especially as rage seems to be one of my pregnancy symptoms lol I've told one friend as she has kids and I wanted info on what to do next, she's been great keeping it to herself so far. 
    People keep asking me too (we just got married in November), but it's not the close people who I'll tell first, it's people from work or casual friends, I hate lying as I feel like I'm jinxing the pregnancy (crazy, i know) but if I end up misscarrying I'm not going to want to discuss it with you, irritating work colleague!
  • That's so frustrating! They'd have to be Internet stalking you or something to find it, that's so weird!
    I keep thinking how much I hate people knowing I'm pregnant before I'm ready for them to, especially  in laws if they can't keep things quiet.
    **side note** why do people think it's their business  to know as soon  as you get a bfp?

    I'd also be frustrated  with my DH if he was ignoring  texts. I think I'did be pretty ticked off if I was in your position.
  • Whelp. My mother-in-law posted on facebook that we were expecting a baby. Luckily she doesn't know how to tag us, so none of my friends (including people at work) know. She gets to break any bad news to her facebook friends.

    But seriously. You were in the circle of trust!

    (She's really not bad at all, just enthusiastic. She's already talking about coming to help when baby arrives like she did with her other grandchildren, all the way across the country, and she's sufficiently down to earth and reasonable, so her presence might actually be helpful, but that's another post.)

    That being said, I turned a lighter shade of green in open court on Friday and almost passed out, so at least one judge, a group of bailiffs, one co-worker, and a client and his family know that I am expecting.
  • Yikes I'm so sorry, if it makes you feel any better though everyone I've told I'm pregnant to I've been like I have something to tell you but you have to guess! The first thing they always guess is I'm pregnant and my grandma I guess called my dad some weeks ago saying she thought I was pregnant and had I said anything. I think the weird thing was she called before I even found out so it was weird when my dad told me that but anyway, people aren't always surprised. Hopefully it's happy I knew it's instead of I told you so because that would suck, but at least if they're excited about knowing that's good too right?
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