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Paint Markers?

I got a white Beliini crib from my sister in law and it's got some scratches in it that badly need a touch up. I'm just wondering if there are any safe paint markers I can use to cover up the scratches with or if there's something I can look out for? Is it enough if it says "Xylene free"?


Re: Paint Markers?

  • These days I think most paints are safe as long as you're in a well ventilated room. I don't know where you live but open a window if it's not too cold and turn on a fan. As long as you're not just trapped in a room breathing paint fumes you should be alright. Take breaks and if you start to get dizzy or light headed stop and let someone else do the dirty work. :)
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    Do not use a paint pen! There are chemicals and other hazardous substances in paint pens besides xylene. Even Sharpie brand does not recommend their non-toxic paint markers for anywhere that will touch the mouth or food. Go to Home Depot or Lowes and talk to one of the paint department people. This is what I did when I received a white second-hand crib with some bite marks on it. They were able to direct me to the right kind of paint for the touch ups. Plus, they have a whole lot of laws they have to follow on their paint mixes for exactly this reason.

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  • Good suggestion on going to Home Depot. I used to work in their paint department until I got too pregnant. I would recommend bringing in a small piece of the crib, if you can dismantle it easily, and having them match the color. They can mix a sample for you that's the exact color of your crib for under $5. Get as shiny of a sheen as you can, my store only carried up to a satin sheen in the sample sizes, but in small scratches, you shouldn't notice a difference. 
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