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    Blast from the past here, but I finally got my ju ju be BFF and it's so much smaller than I was expecting!!  Maybe that's a good thing, or maybe it's size is deceiving. I need to do a trial run and pack it with baby stuff (rarely have to take bottles or anything so that cuts back) but I definitely thought it would be bigger. Some people use these for 2 kids???
    What's the spread between your two youngest (well, what will be your two youngest).  Yeah it did work for two kids, but mine had a 2y9m age gap so I just needed some snacks, a few diapers, and a small activity bag for my older one.  It definitely will not work for 3.  That's definitely why we moved up to the BePrepared.
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  • My two youngest will be 2 years and a few months apart.  The other two will be 5 & 7 so they get to carry their own crap ;)   Ben doesn't really need too much, but we'll be potty training after the baby comes so that adds a lot of extra stuff to carry for a while.  I ordered the Be Prepared just to compare, it's kind of an investment either way so I want to make sure I don't regret it.  
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  • @FutureMrsCaesar we upgraded my 2 year old's skip hop zoo backpack for the reason that he's our little pack mule lol. He LOVES wearing a backpack so it's nice that he can carry a change of clothes, a few cloth diapers, a snack and a small toy and have lots of room. I was having a rough day walking yesterday so my husband took my clutch I was carrying and put it in my son's bag haha.
    We don't weigh him down but my husband said its time for him to pull his weight lol
  • I also have the large coach diaper bag - it doesn't scream diaper bag. Is easily wiped down... Has nice pockets on the side, large strap and carry handles and comes with a changing mat - I've seen them on sale on Amazon recently 
  • @amyid is it the leather or canvas? If it's the leather is it lightweight? My only hesitation to the navy coach bag online is that my leather coach bag is crazy heavy.
  • I really liked my petunia pickle bottom bag, and my coach diaper bag was nice (I'm just not a fan of the styles they offer) but it definitely had a lot of room and pockets. Side pockets and a long should strap are key! You never want a bag with no front or side pockets where your digging through an enormous bag for your keys or phone... Or Chapstick :P I have a 3 and 5 year old as well, so I just keep a small bag with extra clothes/hats/jacket depending on weather in the back of my car. So Il probably just have snacks in my diaper bag for them this time around. I just got this bag and I'm really happy with it so far!
  • @jenniferamcooper it's like their faux leather shiny material.. Not the canvas or regular leather, im guessing for the ease of wipe down and clean-ability.. I won't lie, it's not super duper lightweight for sure but I'll be happy to carry my purse it in with everything else and it's pretty roomy..
    i had originally tried to find the Marc Jacobs ones that my SIL snagged for a bargain at Nordstrom rack for $100 because they are super light weight.I have a Marc Jacobs backpack in the same fabric that I hardly ever used which I plan on keeping in the trunk of my car with more things and/or as an emergency "we forgot the diaper bag, diaper bag" - mines never gotten "dirty" but the fabric makes them super super easy to throw into the washing machine and clean... So if you want some bring a little more "stylish" def check out those ones - I've seen them still on Amazon recently. 
  • I got my diaper backpack in from Initials Inc.  I love it!  It's the Oh Baby Backpack.
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  • The BFF was too small for  my needs and the Be Prepared was too large, although I really liked them both.  I finally decided on this Kate Spade one, it's right in the middle, size wise.

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  • Omg this is sooooo cute! How much?
  • Kate Spade was having a sale as of yesterday. I don't love my KS diaper bag (too heavy for all the walking we do), but it is nice. 
  • @FutureMrsCaesar I am tempted by that bag!
  • It was only $99 and I got a matching wallet/wristlet thingy.  I did get it on the big email sale they were having, I think the only color left is navy blue with hot air balloons, which is also cute!
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