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Let's Guess the Baby's Sex


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  • Mine says boy, which I agree with so far based on my symptoms. The calendar was only right for one of my other 3 though. Hoping for a girl but of course healthy is all that's important. 

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  • It says Boy for me!! Which is what I think it is.... DH is convinced we will have twin girls (he had a dream that we had twins)... im still betting on a boy. :)
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    Based on this we're having a girl! My husband has a feeling it is a girl but I'm thinking a boy. Only time will tell!!
  • IF I did this correctly, I says boy! But the last time I did this it said boy and I had a girl so we'll see!
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  • I have major boy vibes and the chart says boy. lol
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  • If I did it right, chart says girl. I'm hoping for a boy but as long as my baby is healthy, I'll be happy for ten fingers, ten toes and human. XD
  • It says girl for me. I have a feeling it will be a girl, mostly because my mom keeps saying that my symptoms so far are what she experienced with me but not my brother. And because everyone in the family kind've expects the first one to be a boy for some reason. I don't care as long as it's healthy!
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