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New to the board and daycare question...

Hey All!

 I'm a newbie to this board and just wanted to introduce myself and ask some questions.

 DH and I recently got married and I found out I am already 6 weeks pregnant. DH is in graduate school at UCSD and I work as an engineer in the Point Loma area.

 We recently started talking about our options for child care after I give birth. Obviously the best option would be to stay at home, but with DH in school, my income is extremely important. I was wondering if any of you had any recommendations for good day care centers in San Diego. Expense is not an issue.


Re: New to the board and daycare question...

  • I'm also a newbie to this board as well as being new to San Diego.  I could also use some advice about daycare options in the area.  I will be going back to work shortly after baby arrives in March.  I would like to have my daycare in place before baby arrives.  Should you hear of anywhere good would you mind letting me know as well.
  • You should contact YMCA Childcare Resource Service (the local child care resource & referral agency for San Diego County).  They can give you child care referrals.  The website is


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