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Anyone else have an anterior placenta?

This really sucks, I found out today at my 20 week scan my placenta was in the front! I never feel my baby moving and on the ultrasound he was kicking and moving and I couldn't feel a thing.. it really upsets me bc I'm always wondering if he is alive in there.. did this change for anyone else who has had this?  Does the baby movement come eventually or will I never feel him? 

Re: Anyone else have an anterior placenta?

  • Your best bet is to use the search function. There have been lots of discussions and replies from people on this board who have anterior placentas. Congrats on an otherwise positive A/S.

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  • I have that too. Although it is not affecting me feeling kicks (this kid is like a kick boxer in there!) It is making it so no one can feel kicks on the outside, which is a bummer. DH and DS want to feel kicks so bad! 

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  • I have it but I've been feeling kicks since 19 weeks and we can feel him from the outside. It's mostly to the left and right of the middle of my stomach. You will feel him, it may take a couple more weeks. 
  • I have an anterior placenta too. I have been feeling some things at time that I believe is the baby, but it's not consistent. Like pp said it's more on one side or the other, not in the middle. He was a little kickboxer at the anatomy scan, but it was also only 18 weeks and I didn't feel anything.. 

    You will feel your baby eventually, don't worry, it just might take a little longer. Most people aren't consistently feeling their baby kick until closer to the 3rd trimester anyway. 

  • I read where if the placenta doesent move it will result in a c section... anyone else read that?
  • watkins3 said:
    I read where if the placenta doesent move it will result in a c section... anyone else read that?
    I'm certain they were referring to placenta previa, in which the placenta is covering the cervix.  In that case, when the cervix starts to dilate, it can tear the placenta & cause a huge bleed.  It's an indication for a scheduled c/s. However, anterior placenta does not equal previa.  I have an anterior placenta, but it's nicely away from the cervix:)
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    What @rosehip15 said about c-section risks. 

    As as for not feeling, I have an anterior but felt baby early and often. I didn't feel him much yesterday or today Bc he's lying vertically behind the placenta instead of horizontally (confirmed during AS). It's different for everyone, but as a FTM there's a huge range of when you will start to feel consistent movement. GL and if you do a quick search or scroll down a few threads you'll find lots more ladies in the same situation as you.
  • I do. I feel him low down randomly throughout the day.
  • watkins3 said:
    I read where if the placenta doesent move it will result in a c section... anyone else read that?
    Anterior placenta does not mean you will need a c section.  When the placenta is over the cervix and doesn't move up (called placenta previa) a c section may be required.
  • I have an anterior placenta as well and was told it will likely just be a few more weeks before I feel kicks clearly but you will feel everything soon enough. It doesn't mean you need a c-section unless it is covering the cervix "placenta previa" which is less common and I'm sure your doctor will discuss that with you if that is the case. An anterior placenta does not cause any other complications and otherwise shouldn't cause you any trouble. 
  • I'm 20 weeks tomorrow with an anterior placenta & I have felt flutters & movement for a few weeks... I have felt solid kicks once towards the side, be patient, it will come! 
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  • I had an anterior placenta with DS and actually miss it. Don't worry, you'll feel and see movement before you know it. I was looking at my pregnant body today and all I could think about is how nice and round my belly was by this time with DS but this time it's still all lumpy and blah. 
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  • mkemommymkemommy
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    Anterior placenta here...not worried about it at all as doc said it was high enough up for her tastes and most move up anyway.  22 weeks here and felt baby move mid-week 21.  It is sporadic but she's kicking away right now for example.  

  • I've been feeling the flutter like movements since mid week 16ish and today (20+1) I can feel lots of movement to the side. Nothing in the middle but lots to the right or left and down by my pelvis. Can't feel any thing externally. I don't see the anterior placenta as any big deal, although I was told that it might mean baby is spine to spine and you can experience possibly more back labor during birth and baby may be more likely to come out sunny side up.

  • I have a low lying anterior placenta for the second time.  I found out at my 20 week sono.  As my uterus grows, it 'should' go up as well so that I don't have to have a c section.  Last time, they classified it as (anterior) placenta previous because it actually covered part of the cervix. I didn't feel my little lady moving until almost 23 weeks. They did a second sono at 26 week to check on it so they will do the same again.  It moved up and I avoided a c section so I'm hoping this time is the same.
  • I have it too and feel him on-and-off throughout the day. Chin up! You'll feel your baby!
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  • I have it to (just found out during my A/S Wednesday). I'm 19+6 today and I've been feeling consistent movement for quite a while now. H has felt the baby from the outside multiple times and same with my mom, dad, brother, and sister. Baby typically moves some in the morning when I have my cup of coffee (these aren't super strong right now) and every night when I lay down in bed he has a little dance party (this is when H and family have felt him). Every pregnancy is different but you will feel your LO soon!
  • I have an anterior as well.  This is my second time with one.  I have felt what I thought was movement for about 4 weeks. I do have to say this is the first week when I have felt movement consistently.
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  • I supposedly have one too, but this is my second and I can def feel movement. Dont worry you will feel him eventually once your hips drops and ligaments get all loose. Baby will be uncomfortably kicking you in the cervix in no time!
  • I have an anterior placenta too and this passed week (22 weeks) started finally feeling kicks. I know waiting for them to happen sucks, but I promise they will come soon!! 
  • I have a partially anterior placenta, I've been feeling kicks over on the left side consistently for about a week now but haven't felt a damn thing on the right side.  Confirmed today at my anatomy scan that it's just because of the placenta, not because of where the little bugger is laying or something weird. 

  • Well to me it does really suck that I have to wait longer to feel movement bc I have had a very difficult pregnancy thus far and as a ftm I worry if my child is ok especially  since I never feel him move when almost everyone else has by this time (that I have read) so yeah I wish I didn't have that barrier in between me and my child so that I could feel him to ease my worries. 
  • I'm not here to argue, you came into this thread being rude. I had a concern so I posted about it.thats what this app is for. It's for everyone to ask questions about any little thing that worries them... not just for the mothers who have serious issues. And I am not an ungrateful person bc my concern may not have been as big as someone elses. And your right it's not a competition which is why I also didn't go into detail about things that have gone wrong in my pregnancy..what really sucks to me may not suck to someone else. And that's fine. I respect your opinion but I have my own too..everyones pregnancy is their own and none are the same and they are all equally important! I'm on this app to get advice and try to understand bc I have no clue what I'm doing or what any of the things going on with my body means.. I do not have friends who have been pregnant and live far away from my family, so me and my husband rely on this app for alot of questions and concerns and nobody deserves negativity on here for any question they ask or concerns they may have. But not everyone thinks the same!
  • I'm not being rude I just think it's insane your concern is the completely normal placement of your placenta! there's probably a few other hundred women in this BMB with it. If you have a question or concern you can always turn to your doctor as well. 
  • You know what, you're right, feel however it is you want. I'll answer your question. No it doesn't change. Yes you will feel him and probably any day now. It's completely normal and nothing to worry about. 
  • @alysemciver although I agree that an anterior placenta is not the worst thing in the world, it is super scary and worrying for a FTM who doesn't quite know what to expect and has had a difficult pregnancy already. I think in this case you should cut @watkins3 a little slack and try to be more understanding of her concerns. 
  • I mean I've been there, I've been a FTM with an anterior placenta and a very complicated pregnancy. All I was trying to get across is there is no concern, everything is perfect and normal. 
  • @alysemciver I don't think you were rude and I agree with what you said. This is a community, not Google. You have to give support to get support. 

    OP, try the search function. This topic has been discussed a lot. 
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  • I have one too and I hate it too. I'm 19+2 and my OB said I probably won't feel him move until 23 weeks, maybe longer. She also said it will be longer before people can feel him on the outside. 
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  • Nobody said this was google.. and I don't feel like I treated it like it was. Why put someone down for asking a question even if you feel that it's insane or not important enough to ask.. I have tons of questions and concerns being a ftm. Nothing is wrong with that. No question is a stupid question when you have never been through this. Idk why some people want to make others feel like they can not come on here and ask about something without having to worry if someone is going to judge them or make them feel stupid for asking the question in the first place.. blows my mind!! I have seen this happen in other threads as well and it makes no sense to me! 
  • You asked a question, a number of us answered it (helpfully, I might add).  You also asked a question, however, that there were a number of posts/discussion on already a quick search or a quick read through some of the daily threads would have found.  I don't think that was pointed out to you to make you feel stupid...I think it is general posting etiquette on most internet forums to read a bit to see if your topic is addressed elsewhere before posting it as a new issue.  

  • Good grief, get over it! Obviously I didn't see it , who cares if I reposted a topic.. if you noticed it was already discussed then why read it if it's that big of a deal... is it really that serious that I asked this question I mean really... just wow! This app is not even worth all of this.... I don't have general posting etiquette,I'm ungrateful, insane,and obviously don't know the difference between a community forum and google.... all bc I asked a question and felt a certain way about something going on in my pregnancy that was a concern to me...I am in such disbelief at at this. 
  • watkins3 said:
    Good grief, get over it! Obviously I didn't see it , who cares if I reposted a topic.. if you noticed it was already discussed then why read it if it's that big of a deal... is it really that serious that I asked this question I mean really... just wow! This app is not even worth all of this.... I don't have general posting etiquette,I'm ungrateful, insane,and obviously don't know the difference between a community forum and google.... all bc I asked a question and felt a certain way about something going on in my pregnancy that was a concern to me...I am in such disbelief at at this. 
    Get over what?  Posters get irritated if their posts are ignored too.  I'm not irritated or angry and I know tone doesn't come across well in posts but, personally, I was just trying to explain why people might be irritated at having to answer a posted question over and over again.  The impression it gives off (to be perfectly clear, I'm not saying this is you and that you did this, I'm JUST stating the impression it gives off) when someone posts a question that has been asked, answered, asked, answered, etc. by someone who doesn't regularly participate in threads is "I don't care what is going on with other people, here is MY problem".  Again, I'm not saying that is you...its just the impression and conclusion people can reach when they don't know you/you don't regularly participate/etc.  I was trying to be helpful, both by answering your original question (and I think most of the responses you got answered your question directly without snark) and in trying to further explain this.  

  • I have an anterior placenta this time.  I felt faint flutters starting at 16 weeks and kicks low down and only in the evenings starting at about 19 weeks.  With my first, my placenta was not anterior but I still didn't feel him until 20-21 weeks.  You should feel your baby more as the kicks get stronger, even with the anterior placenta.  Give it a little more time.

    Also, this isn't an "app".  It's an online forum with an app that goes with it.  These are real women who are part of a real community built on mutual support that you are talking to, not yahoo answers or similar Q&A type websites.  It's more like a mom's group that meets online instead of in a Starbucks.  New people coming in are expected to show a little interest in the community.  You show this by reading a little bit and maybe commenting before jumping in with a question, searching older threads by keyword to see what has already been posted on your topic, and trying to get a feel for the group in general.  
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  • @watkins3 I think the point some PPs were trying to make is that generally you aren't supposed to repost about already discussed issues because it clogs up the boards and makes it hard for people to navigate and find answers on multiple topics. It does get frustrating to see the same type of topics posted again and again and again. And unfortunately, anterior placenta is common enough that there are a lot of questions posted about it.

    I don't think the tone you were giving off in your most recent post is going to help get anyone to want to answer your question instead of giving you snark. Whether you like it or not, you do need to be more aware of the etiquette on the board if you don't want to have people getting upset with you. So, next time I would definitely recommend using the search function or googling answers before posting (usually it will get you an answer faster anyway). 

    And as many of us have learned, these boards do tend to be snarky, so if you can't handle that or you don't like it, it's okay. There are plenty of other apps and boards that are less snarky and might suit you better. 
  • Well that escalated quickly.

    @watkins3 This: "I wish I didn't have that barrier in between me and my child", I can guarentee is 100% NOT true.

    Your placenta isn't a barrier, it's a connection and without it your child cannot live. I know this is a now generation issue for those who never dealt with dial up Internet and the great time before, but please develop patience. It's something you will need in spades as a parent.

  • Nothing much I can add here other than give support to get support.  The last 2 or 3 people who have posted questions about anterior placenta have come in, asked their one question and never participated again.  This is a community and that's not how a community works.  Would you go to an in person pregnancy support group, ask a question and then not reply to anything anyone else said if it didn't pertain to you?  Probably not, so why is an online community being treated so differently?  

    This site tends to have one of the more blunt with a side of sarcasm types of vibes.  There are countless other apps and forums that aren't like this one and if you don't like the vibe here, please try out some of the other ones.  Everyone has a different personality and that's 100% okay, maybe one of the other apps will better suit your personality.  

  • This is also one of the nicest boards so I don't know why you are getting pissed off. You got very helpful advice. And people were just saying that it's not the worst thing in world and totally normal..

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