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Parenting after a Loss

Looking for hope/success stories

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Hi all!
I'm on this board looking for some encouraging stories. I've had 3 losses (early, no later than about 4 weeks each). Started seeing a specialist, did tons of testing. Last MC was late December 2014. Progesterone had been low the last two months, which is maaaybe a result of the MC? Who knows. Either way, they also recently (this week) found some inflammation via endometrial biopsy. I'm on strong antibiotics and am starting the first phase of treatment next cycle. Taking something that starts with L (can't remember the name) once I start my next cycle, and then one Ovidrel injection as well.

Basically, I am terrified beyond belief of going through a 4th loss. My poor body can't handle it. My face is an acne disaster since the last loss and nothing is helping get it under control. But that aside...my poor heart can't take another loss. Any success stories would be so encouraging, even if I do know that we are all different! :)

Re: Looking for hope/success stories

  • That's a shame :( You would think women who are going through the same things would support each other. I keep seeing posts about this kind of stuff (drama, basically). Thank you for letting me know @austenlover‌!
  • Oh wow...that's horrible @austenlover‌! :-( I'm happy to hear it wasn't a community thing though and that the women were/are supporting each other.

    Thank you for the sweet words. I really hope so too. <3
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  • 7 yrs TTC#1 I was 0 for 5 (varying from mc 5w to ectopic rupture 9w to mmc 11w) - probably was a perfect storm for us of FF and MF. After treatments, we are 2 for 2 (DD & DS). It was horrible, it was possible. Wishing you find the key to meeting your child(ren) soon!

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  • I am sorry your going through this and hope you no longer have too. 
  • I am sorry you are going through this. I had 2 previous mc, both before 8 weeks. Our 3rd pregnancy I was put on progesterone and gave birth to a little boy 3 months ago. 

    Good luck, hopefully this treatment will be successful!
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