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Middle of the Night Feedings

Just curious what others do during middle of the night feedings to stay awake? My eyes are constantly closing if I don't have some kind of puzzle on my phone or turn on the tv. Our pediatrician suggested keeping it as dark and quiet in the room as possible which makes it too easy to fall asleep while feeding him! 

Re: Middle of the Night Feedings

  • I do the same as pp
  • Read books in the iPad. 
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  • Eat snacks and look at my phone. 
  • All about the phone. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Bump Forums, Buzzfeed, Words with Friends, Email....the list goes on.
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  • Wake up my family via phone, they live in different time zone...lol....it takes a village to raise a child...lol
  • I also try to keep it dark and quiet, so I'm on my phone. Sometimes I'll use headphones to watch Netflix on my phone. But usually I'm on here, Facebook, words with friends, etc. I have a few mom friends that are up in the night and we Facebook message each other.
  • Same! Browse fb Instagram Pinterest and these forums! If I feel I've seen everything I read from iBooks. 
  • We could be at a rock concert and DD would sleep through it. She sleeps better in noisy environments. This is the first feeding (10:30-5:30 heck yeah) and I'm catching up on Hawaii 5-0 and browsing TB. I also keep a water bottle by the recliner and that helps wake me up.
  • Wake up my family via phone, they live in different time zone...lol....it takes a village to raise a child...lol
    Why didn't I think of this sooner?! I text with my cousins in Germany often so great way to stay awake at 4am
  • Same as everyone else! I just mess around on my phone and when that gets boring I sometimes just sit and look at my baby. 



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  • All of the above and American dad or family guy on Netflix
  • Various social media or internet, yeah.
  • Social media and bump mainly. I'll also edit images occasionally. 

     My best friend is also always up with her kids so I always shoot her a text and funny enough our kids are always near the same awake times so we chat until it's time to put our LOs down again. We have great conversations at 3am lol. 
  • If I remember to grab my phone from the bedroom before going out to the living room or his nursery, I'll hop on FB or play Candy Crush. Otherwise, I just sit there on the couch or in the glider, look at DS and just yawn away while he pigs out and falls asleep on his bottle. 

  • I play puzzle games mostly. If someone is up I can talk to I do that (like weekends when my mom is working and trying to stay awake as well). I was watching Netflix but I started noticing her days and nights getting flipped so I stopped. Sometimes if I'm awake enough I marvel at her. Other times I lay in bed with her nursing and doze.
  • Netflix, TB, facebook, and writing emails to our families.
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  • I put a giant glass of ice water & a snack by my glider for middle of the night feedings. Usually by the time I've had something to eat I'm more awake. 
  • I will either go on facebook, read the news, email, or read a book on my tablet.  Sometimes I just doze off a bit while he eats.  I try to avoid watching TV because I find it distracts him and it's harder to put him back to sleep afterward.  
  • We cosleep so I just pop a boob in & drift back off - last night we slept from 8pm-2am - what a gift!
  • I am no loner going on my phone for MOTN feedings! I started doing it because I was such a zombie that I desperately needed to wake up. Now that he has a long stretch at night, he eats for 10 mins then falls back asleep, me? I don't! I used to pass out the moment my head hits the pillow. Last night I was on social media and TB for over 40mins before going back to sleep then only slept 20 before LO was up again. :neutral: Something about the light on my phone wakes me right up! No more. 
  • I was having the hardest time staying awake. it was to the point where I would bf and we would fall asleep together and I would wake up at his next feeding and he would still be on me. He was only snacking and not eating full feedings. So I started bottle feeding him at night and once he's done eating I pump. Its a little difficult because I'm up longer but that's the only way I could stay awake!!

  • kdoak2015 said:
    We cosleep and I nurse laying down so I basically give her the boob browse a bit, give her the other and we both just fall asleep.
    I've started nursing lying down, on our sides. What a godsend! She settles easily and doesn't spit up as much, doesn't eat as often and her latch is a million times better. 
  • I've started cosleeping and side lying in efforts to get more sleep to help with my ppd, let's hope for more sleep! 
  • We cosleep and side feed and it's so much easier. He pulls himself off when he is done and falls asleep next to me. We hardly ever stay up more than 30 minutes. We have been sleeping awesome! It's not great for the love life but I hope to figure that out soon.

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