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Success after IF

If you got your BFP from IUI, how many did you have to do?

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Understanding that every body is different, but just looking for some encouragement in numbers!

If you got your BFP from IUI, how many did you have to do? 17 votes

Worked first time
23% 4 votes
2nd or 3rd worked
47% 8 votes
4th or 5th worked
17% 3 votes
6th or more worked
11% 2 votes
Married to DH since 8/15
TTC since 5/15
PCOS, 35+, diagnosed with pre-diabetes
TI for 4 cycles: 1 round of femara; 2 rounds femara/ injectables: all ended in BFN. 
3 IUI Cycles: letrozole/Follistim with HCG Trigger,all resulted in BFN.
FET #1: Baseline appt 4/28/16, Gonal-F/Menopur stims, Centrotide 5/4/16, ER 5/11/16; 6/8/16 ET, BFN
FET #2: Baseline appt 6/22/16, Estrace/PIO shots: 7/12/16 ET, 1st beta 7/21/16: 83 BFP, 2nd beta 7/23/16: 315. 1st U/S: 8/4/16 empty sac.  2nd U/S: 8/10/16 yolk sac appeared, everything stopped growing. Office D&C: 8/11/16, MC.
FET #3: Baseline appt 12/28/16, Estrace/PIO shots: 1/17/17 ET, 1st beta 1/27/17: 146 BFP, 2nd beta 1/29/17: 336, 1st U/S: 2/16/17, 2 healthy twin babies measuring 7w0d.  EDD: 10/5/17
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Re: If you got your BFP from IUI, how many did you have to do?

  • I had success early on but sadly lost my first. It took 6 months for my body to heal enough to be ready for the IUI that stuck. The one that worked is the one I put my whole effort into, I even asked for the HCG shot to force ovulation. But I knew in my heart that a5 th IUI without anything different want going to work. Adding the shot (and going on vacation the next day) is what worked for me.
  • Got triplets from my 3rd IUI with Femara and Gonal-F. Only had 2 follicles tho. 

    Me: 27, DH: 32.
    BFP #1: 4/10/14--CP 4/12/14
    BFP#2: 6/9/14, MMC @ 6wks+5, D&C 7/11/14
    Diagnosed PCOS 12/2014
    BFP #3: 12/12/14--CP 12/15/14
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  • I got a BFP with my first IUI, but it was a chemical pregnancy.  I got another BFP with my 2nd IUI, and all seems to be looking healthy!

    Me: 36, DH: 36

    Married and TTC Since 2/2012

    Me: Mild PCOS, DH: Low Sperm Count and Motility

    IUI #1 w/Clomid + Trigger - BFP 10/15/15, MC (CP) 10/19/15

    IUI #2 w/Clomid + Trigger - BFP 12/14/15  EDD 8/23/16

    Foster to Adopt Placement! DD#1 Born 7/2016

    DD#2 Born 9/2016

    Foster to Adopt Placement! DS Born 7/2018

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