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Best car seat?

Hey all!! My 15 month old is long and we are in need to buy a new car seat asap. Just wondering what everyone else has, what you think is best etc. Any input would be appreciated!!

Re: Best car seat?

  • Do you mean a convertible seat? I really like Britax. I bought my older son a combo seat from Britax and gave my daughter his Britax Marathon 70-g3. I put her in that seat when she was 9 months old she can use it for at LEAST 2 more years.

    Car Seats for the Littles is a good website if you want info.

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  • Yeah she is still in her original. Would be a perfect fit for a few more pounds if she wasnt so long. Lol Thanks for the website tip. Going to check it out now.
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  • Chicco Next fit! Pricey but sooooo worth it . It is snug in every car
  • We got the nextfit when bru was having a sale. I like it. Don't think I can fit 2 side by side rear facing though. Wide on top.
    I like too.
  • Agree with above. Car seats for the littles also has a Facebook page where you can ask for suggestions from experts. Consumer Reports ranked Britax Marathon and Boulevard and Cicco Nextfit at the top. We got the Cicco Nextfit Zip. You can unzip the cover and pop it in the washing machine (not easy to take apart but love that you can wash it). That feature sold it to me. LO is messy and has thrown up and spilled things in his seat numerous times. We are short people so I don't know what is best for your particular issue.
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  • Probably a little late but the Graco 4ever carseat is amazing. Has side impact support and has the ability to recline/sit up straight. And it's literally the last carseat you'll have to buy because it grows with your child. It's a bit spendy but worth the money since it replaces the future ones you'd have to buy.
  • I chose the Diono Radian, it is being shipped as we speak.  I went with it because of safety reviews, ability to put 3 in a row and it expires in 10 years!
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  • Nextfit Zip for us as well. DD just peed in it today, so I will be washing the cover tonight.
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