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  • I will put this here because I am super excited but don't no if it needs its own thread. The photographer who did my sisters wedding and is amazing is having a baby photo contest free 30 min sessions and if you win you get a bunch more it makes me super excited! It'll be more like 8 month photos but can't wait to share. Also says to bring a couple props any ideas thinking drum sticks because my DH is a drummer?
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    First yay!! I'm so happy to hear that your LO is improving and you're going to nighttime oxygen.

    Second the small pictures happen because of the changes in uploading pictures. If you are tying when they attach the HTML code ends up with interruptions and then it won't work. Try waiting until they attach or type your whole entry and then attach. Would love to see full size pictures of your LO!

  • @mjschenk I finally got professional photos of LO & she is almost 8 months too. I just couldn't get it done plus they are so expensive. I found a groupon for $50 one hour studio shoot instead of $200. Take whatever props you want That will make it meaningful.

    @magono20 glad to hear LO os making progress!
  • @magono20 that's awesome!
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