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when did your baby turn head down?

I had my 34 week sonogram and my baby is head up right now, so I'm curious when everyone else's baby turned head down?


  • Babies usually pick a direction around 34-36 weeks and stay there, but not always. I have heard of babies that go from head up to head down during labor or at 39 weeks! If you want to try to turn your baby, check out spinningbabies.com they have lots of good exercises to turn a breech baby (if that is what you want to do). Both of mine were head down by around 32 weeks and stayed there (luckily) but when I asked my OB he said that they can flip flop pretty much until 34-36 weeks.
  • With my last pregnancy I was told baby was breech at 34 weeks too. He turned on his own by the time I was 36 weeks. Look into spinning babies.
  • My babe is head down right now (I'm 29 weeks tomorrow), and has been since 24 weeks. Hopefully he will stay that way. ;)

  • Mine was breech from my 20 week ultrasound and finally turned himself head down at 32 weeks, only to flip breech again at 34 weeks. My OB wasn't concerned so I didn't try any interventions and he turned himself again at 36 weeks. 37 weeks and he's still head down so here's hoping he stays that way!
  • DD was transverse at my 37w appt a week ago. I've seen a chiropractor, and she has turned head down now. Hoping she stays that way.

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  • My LO was head down at the 34 week appt. hopefully he'll stay that way for the next few days...good luck!
  • Around 26 weeks but you have until 37 til I would start being concerned!
  • Mine was transverse until week 34. She's now head down.
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  • I'm 35 weeks and he's been head down since I was 24 weeks
  • i think my baby girl's head has been head down (if that's crazy to believe) but last week i had a transvaginal ultrasound and baby's head is RIGHT THERE, it was so crazy how low she is right now (almost scary)
  • My little guys been head down since about week 26 and I'm 37 weeks now
  • Mine was head down and facing my spine at the 36 week ultrasound. I'm not sure how long he had been in that position because my previous ultrasound was at 20 weeks.
  • They can flip and flop til 38 weeks. My dr said they're not even worried til the 38th. I was traverse (sideways) until 36 weeks. Now, he's head down.
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    Did you do anything special? I am at 34 and head up don't want to have a c section:( @cMichelle0423
  • All of my kids have always been head down. With my fourth he's been head down since 26 weeks but I'm not of his position before. But I'm 38 weeks Monday and he's still head down. Check out spinning babies.
  • She's been consistently down since like 32 weeks.

  • my LO had been head down aince 28 weeks
  • At my 32 week appointment I was told LO was head down. At 34 weeks, you have time for baby to turn so try not to stress too much right now!

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  • First checked at 32 and she's been head down since
  • My coworker's breech baby turned head down the day before her scheduled C-section! (She ended up having him vaginally three days later).

    Mine was head down at 30 weeks and stayed that way.

    Doing some spinning babies exercises certainly can't hurt!
  • Mine is head down now, and I believe she has been for a week or so. She's mostly been sitting transverse so I was a bit worried but they do move right till the end.
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  • Almost 29 weeks now and I'm certain my little one is still breech.  I confirmed that last night when I suddenly saw/felt a huge lump to the right of my belly button that couldn't have been anything other than a head.  He has been an active little peanut!!!
  • She was head down at my 33wk u/s so some time before then 

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  • My lo is transverse and has been my entire pregnancy. Currently 34.5 weeks, I think she's really comfy in that position, haven't been able to get her to turn!
  • Mime was still doing cartwheels at 37 .5 weeks. I had an ultrasound the day I was induced to insure he was head down.
  • DD was breech at 26 weeks but flipped sometime before my 36 week scan. I didn't feel it happen. I had anterior placenta so I didn't feel a lot of strong movement. I did notice that I was feeling more movement in my pelvis when she was breech and then it was more in my ribs once she flipped...but I didn't pay attention to when that changed...I think she flipped slowly over several days.
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  • 32 weeks she was head down, 36 weeks she was breech, so my OB scheduled a version to try to turn her. Showed up this morning at 37 weeks for the procedure and she was head down again. Rascal! Who knows what she will do in the next few weeks.

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  • My second baby was transverse most of my pregnancy until 39 weeks. She turned right before (like within 2 hours) of an attempted version that would have been a c-section that day if not successful.
  • My son went into position at a bizarre 25 weeks.

    My daughter, who I am pregnant with now, went into position somewhere between 27 weeks & 30 weeks.

  • Mine was head down from 28-32 weeks, then turned head up. He is now back to head down at 34 weeks.
  • My daughter was transverse breech until she flipped at 36w. I'm almost 34w with this little guy and he hasn't settled yet (was head down last week and head up two days ago), but I have hope that he'll follow his sister's example and find the exit. 
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  • My baby was head down at 26 weeks, but as of two days ago at 30 weeks he was transverse.
  • Baby girl was head down at my 27 week ultrasound, again at 34, I'm now 38 weeks and far as I know she's not flipped since 27. She is very much head down right now.
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  • 35 weeks and he's breech. Heads on the right, feet down by my cervix kicking me all day  :D

  • She's been head down since 12 weeks. Almost 36 weeks now
  • I am currently 37 weeks 3 days. Baby is breech and has been for a long time. Heading to hospital Monday to try an ECV otherwise it's ceserean for me
  • Hiya I don't know if im posting this in the right area but I am 38 weeks today and my belly is still sitting really high. Might be a silly question but when does your belly 'drop' ready for labour?  
  • Hiya I don't know if im posting this in the right area but I am 38 weeks today and my belly is still sitting really high. Might be a silly question but when does your belly 'drop' ready for labour?  
    I dropped weeks before, but some don't drop until they're in labor.  Be happy it hasn't happened yet, it's really uncomfortable to have baby's head constantly pushing on your bladder and having to waddle while you walk.  I started feeling it around 38 weeks and went 8 days past my EDD.
  • My baby was head down at 31weeks
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