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Stretch Marks

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Hi beautiful mamas!

FTM here. From what I've read and heard, stretch marks are pretty enevitable when pregnant.....unless you're one of the lucky few like my mom. She does not have a single stretch mark after birthing my brother and I!!!!

Anywho, my question is: have you had any stretch marks during your pregnancy? If so, how far along were you when they appeared? I'm 35 weeks and literally checking each morning for them to appear. Ayyyy!

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  • Stretch marks are based on the elasticity of your skin. If your mom doesn't have them, you may not.
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  • I'm pregnant with my fourth baby and have none so far. It is genetic. You can get them early in pregnancy, the last week of pregnancy or even start noticing some after you deliver your baby.
  • I started getting stretch marks around 12 weeks, and my belly looks like I got attacked by a tiger. I got lots of stretch marks during puberty, so I knew I was doomed.
  • I have none and im 37w 2d. I do have a few on my upper thigh. But there not deep if I run my fingers on them I can't feel anything.... So I'm thinking they'll disappear easily. I've had them for like 4 weeks now and they haven't changed since I first got them.
  • I had lots of stretch marks during puberty, but only noticed very minor ones on my lower stomach after delivering my daughter. I haven't quite lost all the baby weight yet, but my marks aren't very noticeable and I'm hoping they stay that way/more don't appear!
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  • Started getting stretch marks around 12 weeks I think... They don't bother me though.
  • My belly is covered in stretch marks from my first pregnancy. Luckily I haven't gotten many more in since then (now on my third).
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    With DD all 30+ of them appeared overnight in the 30-week range.
  • This is my first pregnancy, I'm 25 weeks and have none yet.. Knock on wood! My mom didn't get any during her pregnancy

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    My Mom never had any with my brother and I and she makes a really big deal out of mine "oh my god they're terrible, you looked like you've been whipped". No word of a lie my stretch marks from my first are 1/2- 3/4 inch long and there are 2 of them. Thank goodness I'm fortunate to had very few. With my first they started at 6 weeks when I got REALLY bloated and they were almost like 2 red dots and then I woke up on 41 week-eve they grew to the 1/2 inch . I always joke had I not been overdue I wouldn't have really had any ;)

    This time around I'm 30 weeks and 2 areas grew to 3 and they're a little longer but not bad at all. I think they're about an inch.

    I moisturize and figure I can't control it, so c'est la vie if they get worse. I'm just dreading the comments from my mother again ;)
  • I'm 33 weeks today and only have 2 small ones on each hip (like love handle area), they're low and are easily hidden by panties so I'm happy with what I've got so far lol I was 30 weeks when the 2 on my hip appeared. I didn't have any prior to pregnancy anywhere and hoping it stays that way!
  • I am 35 weeks and don't have any yet, it's my first pregnancy, I am (like everyone) hoping to get away without but if it happens it happens! Seems that it mostly happens these last few weeks when we are stretched to the max!
  • I didn't start getting any until 35 weeks. They're only around my belly button. When I get itchy, I rub my stretch mark cream on my belly.

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  • I got them at 38 weeks with each of my pregnancies. Just a few. I am of average height and weight, had 2 nine pound babies and don't have any leftover stretch marks to speak of. They went away after the kids were born.


  • I had 3 tiny ones appear on the left and right side of my belly button at around 39 weeks. I delivered at 41+3 and they were barely noticeable and have since disappeared. My belly is much bigger this time around so I'm sure they will show up sooner and likely get bigger.
  • I got a TON during my first pregnancy, but none in my last two.
  • The only stretch marks I got from this pregnancy, that I noticed anyway were 3 on the inside of my right breast. Haven't noticed anymore, anywhere else. 

  • Lurking from 2nd tri. I've heard it's genetic also. I had one on each side -- a small purple line and some on my boobs but they both went away on their own. I did no special regiment and was not religious with lotion. I also did not get the baggy skin that some moms get. Everybody is different.

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  • I didn't record the actual date that I noticed my first stretch mark but it was sometime toward the latter part of my second trimester.  I'm almost at 35 weeks now and every day I feel like I notice more and more.  My belly resembles that of a zebra.  Lovely.
  • I tend to not get any until late in the third tri. I'm hoping they pass me this time since I'm not as big as I was when I had my son 3 years ago. Who knows though. I'm not nervous because they fade and go away pretty fast.
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  • 36+2 here and so far no marks to be found.  My mom didn't have any with me either so yay genetics!
  • 36+1 and I swear they popped up overnight.  My poor belly!
  • smn14smn14
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    It's genetic. My mum got none and neither did I on stomach...boobs grew from a-d cup during pregnancy however and got a couple there then, but when milk came in on day three, they flew up to ff!!!! Masses of stretch marks now! Not too bothered tho as only DH will see them and he isn't fussed. 
  • Since this is my second pregnancy, I had some leftover from last time.  The new ones for this round popped up around 20 weeks...  : /

  • I got some around 15 weeks... I didn't even notice a bump the first time I saw them!  Thankfully at 31 weeks they haven't gotten too much worse but I use cream several times a day to help. 
  • My stomach is currently being taken over with them. It literally started with the smallest little red mark last week, and everyday it doubles in size I'm not even exaggerating. I was getting a lot on my love handles throughout my pregnancy so I thought maybe it's just my back skin stretching lol. Btw I'm 30 weeks. They're really red right now but I think they'll fade. My mom has stretch marks all over her body but you can't see them unless you're really really looking for them because they're the exact same shade as her skin so hopefully I'm as lucky as her!
  • My grandma and mom have them, and I have them on my hips from growth. Really thought I'd get them on tummy from pregnancy.  My DD was born month ago, and I don't have any.  I know it's genetic but I wanted to help improve my skin, so I used lotion every day and drank lots of water.  Used Burts Bees Honey and Milk. 
  • I only got them on my stomach. They basically appeared overnight at 37 weeks. There were quite a few and dark. DS is 2 1/2 now and they're faded, but I still think they're very noticeable. At least they're not still purple. 
  • My stomach is covered with old ones from my previous two pregnancies, but I'm 33w4d and have yet to see any new ones. It's kind of weird to me. If I remember right, they showed up between 25-30 weeks both other pregnancies. I figured I would have already started getting new ones with this pregnancy, but I guess it could still happen at any time. Fingers crossed I don't get any more though lol
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  • Good news, it's at least partially genetic.  So there's a good chance that if your mother was unscathed, then you'll luck out too.

    With my daughter, I could see faint stretch marks during the pregnancy but then didn't get really bad until after I delivered.  As in, I looked like I had been clawed by a rabid boar.  They've basically just gotten worse with each pregnancy, although they do fade to a light purple/silver when I'm not PG.

    I say, if you get them wear them like a badge of honor.  You earned them by creating a human.  And that's worth being proud of! 
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  • im 29 weeks and got them around 12 mom never did and she had twins so i thought i may get that...wrong! its horrible all over my stomach....does anyone have any suggestions or ideas to help with them?
  • I have been extremely lucky in this pregnancy so fat.  I started out with a huge belly from fat that mostly settled on my stomach.  I have been fortunate enough to mostly lose weight instead of gaining for the last six months, so the only five pounds I've gained has gone straight into the empty pouch of my tummy.  I had stretch marks from the big belly, but they are long-healed into silvery scar tissue.  I am sure that the next three months will challenge my already nine-months-along-looking belly skin, though.  Good luck, everyone!

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