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Girdles, body shapers, spanx

Hi ladies I was reading that it is really good to get a body shaper or something of the sort after delivery to help snap things back into place. Is there a certain brand to get? Does this work any STM+ try this?

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  • No idea but I heard the same thing and I'm tempted to give it a go
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  • I've heard this too and splurged on a Bellefit. That's the most popular one I've seen but I know there are tons of options out there. Check Pinterest for recommendations, and Amazon for reviews!

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  • I got the bellybandit because of all the rave reviews and my friends who swear by it. Hoping it works!
  • I ordered a bellefit this time to try. They had a good sale around Christmas. I also liked the fact that users say it gave them better back support and I have a bad back
  • I was given a belly bandit.... Just curious how soon after you deliver that you wear it?
  • @RHrebien my friend swore by hers, she starting wearing it while still in the hospital
  • I got a baby wearing thing called nesting days. It's a carrier and shaper in one! Good for skin to skin in the early days. You wear it like a shirt and the baby tucks into it. Read about it on Lucies list, which is a cute baby blog/ website btw. It's from a small company in San Francisco. Looking forward to trying it out!
  • @xokateox I just read something about that today. But I got a moby wrap for the shower which I def plan on using now I'm torn
  • I have a belly bandit; I used one my last pg and it worked great! I started using it right after I got home from the hospital. I also have a hip shrinker, those work too!
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  • RHrebien said:

    I was given a belly bandit.... Just curious how soon after you deliver that you wear it?

    I'm using a belly bandit too. You can use it right after birth.

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  • @RHrebien mine is packed in my hospital bag! Plan to start wearing it asap (hoping it actually fits!).
  • Those of you that have used it, what do you like about it? Does it provide support or is it more for fitting into your clothes sooner?

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  • Really interested to hear reviews. Do they REALLY work or is it all in the head?
  • @OctoberStars I felt like it definitely gave me support and helped my stomach to heal faster (I had a c/s). I didn't have any expectations of fitting back into clothing faster but it helped with that which was a perk! The hip shrinker did more for me in that area though.
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  • I used the belly bandit with my last child and starter wearing it as soon as I got really helps compress the uterus, while providing back support. I didn't wear under clothes when traveling out of the was bulky and bumpy. Rather I chose a body shaping tank top.If I remember correctly, you aren't supposed to wear all day, so the baby holding wraps, etc. are compatible. Looking forward to using again. Highly recommended!
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    My prenatal yoga instructor / doula recommends faja wraps. They're simple fabric peices to wrap around. I think I will probably buy one.
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