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  • It's a boy, due 6/7/16 

  • After spying on this board for about a month, I can finally say that we are having a girl!!! Due June 5th!!
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  • Found out we are having TWO boys! Due June 23! :)
  • Another boy for us! I am so excited--I really wanted a brother for my son. So I will be a boy mommy, because we are done after this one!
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  • Team blue over here!! Our first baby and it's a boy!!!! EDD is 6/2
  • It's a BOY!  So excited!  FTM here due on 6/26/16.  Let the partying begin!
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  • We just found out that we're having a girl! EDD is June 10th 2016
  • Team blue!!!!! Due 06/18
  • We found out last week that we are having a girl! I am so excited!
  • Team green (for now--we'll see how strong i am at the scan Monday) ;) and my edd changed to June 18, but i couldn't edit the sheet.
  • FTM excited to announce we're having a boy!!! Edd is June 16, 2016! :)
  • We're having a boy! Due 6/4!
  • itsStackieitsStackie
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    Found out yesterday we are having a boy this time. I'm so happy he is healthy, but I just don't find myself excited about it yet.
    Eta: sorry to blurt that out, just reading everyone's posts and don't feel I have that excitement yet.
    1st born June 2013
  • Healthy baby girl due 6/17 but she will be here a week early (repeat c section)!!
  • Baby girl EDD June 27!
  • My baby boy is due 6/16 per my LMP.
  • We just found out we are having a girl!!! Due June 26! So excited!

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  • We found out today that we are expecting our first baby and it's a girl !! Due June 20th. I had a feeling it was a girl we are so excited to start growing our family
  • We are having another boy! Due 6/15!
  • We will be finding out the gender on Feb 11, I'll be 20 weeks by then! We are having the lady who does the ultrasound write it in an envelop and we won't be opening it until we feel we are ready and we have all our close family around :) can't wait !!!!!
  • FTM, and our wiggle worm wasn't cooperative so we couldn't see the sex, which is okay by me! Team green and due June 3!
  • It's a boy for us due 6/18

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  • Team pink due 6/1!

    DD1 born 11/2014

    DD2 born 6/2016

  • Baby girl! Due 06/12/16
  • Not sure yet what the gender is, but should be finding out in a few week or less! Team green and due June 26th with our first baby :)
  • Baby boy due 12/6!
  • It's a boy! We found out today :) apparently was off by a couple days for the due date. June 20th now
  • We found out this morning that we're having another baby girl. Due date is still June 7th. Thanks for keeping track for us @fishwife799 :)
  • Found out a few weeks ago that our first is a boy! His dad and I are so excited!
  • Found out this morning it's a girl! Due June 13. We currently have a daughter who will turn 2 years old about two weeks after this baby's due date. 
  • audreygbaudreygb
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    FTM and we found out last week that we are having a GIRL! The Chinese calendar was officially WRONG :-) We didn't have a preference but it is both my husband and I's first grandbaby on both sides so our families are so excited to start shopping. Plus I am the only girl in my immediate family so we are really excited! Now to name brainstorm! :smiley: :wink: June 26, 2016 will be special!
  • Third boy for us! Due June 30.
  • Baby boy due 6/15/16
  • Boy STM we have DD they will be 17 months apart
  • Just found out today that it's a BOY! He's due June 11th & will be joining his 2 y/o big sister Laylah Grace ♡
  • Baby girl, due June 18th, 2016!  Our first!
  • Found out we are having a GIRL!! Everyone (including us) were convinced it was a boy so we were surprised! :)

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