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Crawling - Important or Not?

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Hi all, I have been gone a long time from TB (apparently kids are time consuming, who knew?!), but I thought I'd poke my head in to get a few opinions on crawling.

My baby is 8 months old, and was born very large (10lbs). She has always been in the 99th percentile, which I suspect has been detrimental to her learning how to be mobile. She has learned to sit up and roll over (rolling took forever), but can't seem to figure out crawling. I have read a lot about how important it is as a developmental stage (the internet seems to believe her hands won't work well), and I'm starting to get nervous about how behind she is. I believe it is due to her size, rather than developmental delay (haluing around extra pounds is hard, especially when you have no clue how), but I wanted to see what other people are experiencing.

So how about it? Would you be/are you concerned about your LO not crawling by now?
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Re: Crawling - Important or Not?

  • My LO isn't quite crawling yet either. I can tell he is getting closer and closer each day though so I am not worried. 7-10 months is the age range for this skill. If I felt like he had plateaued in his skills and didn't seem like he was growing a little more everyday then I would be worried. 
  • My son was a 9 pound baby at birth and didn't crawl until 9 months. Didn't walk until 14 months. My daughter was also 9 pounds and was walking by 10 months. It's a crap shoot. I seriously doubt your LO is "behind". Babies all do things when they are damn good and ready. I wouldn't be worried at all.

    What does your Pedi say?

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  • My oldest is almost 3 and he did not crawl at all, he was a big boy and rolled everywhere. He started walking when he turned one. He also did not experience any delays.

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  • As some PP have said there is a range for when babies will reach milestones. She isn't out of the range and sounds like she is moving in the right direction. What research has found is that kids who never crawl may have more trouble learning to read. Even one day of crawling helps with the hand eye coordination and the part of the brain where reading skills develop. If a child is really struggling with reading it may be a question the parents are asked, if it turns out the child never crawled they may suggest working with a OT and having the child literally crawl around for a while.

    You are very far from that! I'm sure she will get there in her own time. Happy Holidays!
  • According to my parents I never crawled and my mother was freaking out around 8 months and then I walked at 9 months. I never had difficulty reading either. Would like to see the source of that research
  • I actually just read here on the bump that crawling is not an actual "milestone" because not all babies crawl! 
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  • I'd meet with your states early intervention program. Especially because it's usually free. Request that a physical therapist does the eval. It's ease my mind.

    Our PT was firm about our little one crawling. We received tips to help baby learn. And learn the right way-not just commando. There could be other issues you can't see. Ours needed special shorts that pulled in the muscles. Crawling within the week!
  • Not every baby crawls I didn't crawl when I was a baby neither did my brother and we were healthy I was 6lb 6oz born we just went straight to walking we even did that late my son on the other hand was in crawling position his whole 6months but never moved until he saw his one yr old cousin crawling everywhere that same night ...two days before he turned 7months he decided to crawl just takes time it's different for everyone.
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