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I had my first ultrasound EVER today (just past 8 weeks), and everything looked fine in the room. DH and I were so relieved, because I've had a nagging feeling for years that I would have a complicated reproductive time (and everything had thus far been totally smooth). Afterward (and after checking with the Dr, I assume), the tech said baby has some extra fluid around the brain. That could be totally fine, probably 90% probability, but it could also be as extreme as preventing any brain growth (so I'd lose the baby). The most common consequences I can find online (if it doesn't go away) are spina bifida, down's syndrome, and lymphatic disorders. I have to go in for additional testing in a few weeks. 

I am so incredibly scared. DH was there, and he is super supportive, but I am so. incredibly. terrified. A 10% chance that my baby could just not develop a brain? How do I even begin to process that. And to top it off, I'm an attorney who does litigation, so my job is crazy intense and exciting, and I've been distracted all day. So now I feel super guilty about that, too. 

If you've had complications, how have you processed it? Who did you talk to? How do you even find other women who have these issues, since most women never talk about complications, miscarriages, etc.?

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  • Well sorry you're going through this!! It sucks!! I got worrying news at my anatomy scan that baby had an echogenic cardiac focus, a bright spot on the heart, which is thought of as a soft marker for some chromosomal issues. To say I was worried was an understatement. We did additional testing and thankfully it all came back ok. I totally understand the worry you're going through. If you don't feel satisfied with the information the doctor gave you, you should absolutely call back and ask for further clarification. I did that once the fog had cleared a little.
    It's obviously easier said than done but try to focus on the fact that the odds are overwhelmingly in your favour. In all likelihood, baby will be fine.
    If you haven't used the search function here on The Bump, I'd advise you to do so because this may have been discussed before, perhaps in the high risk pregnancy forum for example.
    Don't feel guilty about being distracted, it's totally natural. It's probably good to be busy though, to keep your mind as occupied as possible.
    Best of luck to you! Hugs!!

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    First of all I'm sorry that you're going through this. My son had issues with fluid around his kidneys that could have had some similar complications (everything was fine in the end). In this instance Google is NOT your friend. I know it's hard but please try not to stress to much as its not healthy for either of you. The likely hood is that everything will be just fine and although I'm not a ton of help I'm sending hugs your way!
  • Don't fret... first off consult the doc....
    Secondly.... it is very very unlikely she was able to visualize the brain and structures around it in an 8 week ultrasound. ... maybe she mispoke or u misunderstood but that Itty bitty structure just isn't there yet....
    Don't panic
  • So sorry you're going through this.

    Step one: stay off the internet. The odds are in your favor, and you (a) can't do anything about it if there IS a(n unlikely) problem and (b) staying stressed about it will only make matters worse. Step 2: stay distracted and don't feel guilty about it! Step 3: remain calm until you go in for additional testing. Like PP said, it's pretty difficult to see all of the tiny structures at an early ultrasound.

    When I went in for my first OB visit to confirm pregnancy, my OB tried for 15 minutes to find a heartbeat on the doppler and couldn't. She referred me to get an ultrasound (she has a tiny practice, so they don't do them in house), but I couldn't get in until a week later. I was bleeding (not enough to constitute an 'emergency' ultrasound where they would have gotten me in earlier), too, so I thought for sure I had lost the baby. I tried to stay distracted and not think about it - focused on work and non-baby related things. I know it's tough, but it's the best thing you can do for yourself and your baby. Luckily, when I finally got in, Bubs was wiggling around all over the place and heart was going strong! Fingers crossed that you get good news, too.
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  • I'm not there yet with the testing (I'm only 7w3d) but I'm already nervous and scared about them. I'm really sorry you're going through this and I really hope everything will be fine with the baby.  Big hugs.

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  • Sorry for your bad news, it's never easy.

    first things first- STAY OFF THE INTERNET. It's a scary place. In these kinds of situations (as hard as it is), it is really best to just speak to your doctors instead of reading other people's worst cases.

    At an early sono I found out I had a 2-vessle cord and I spent hours crying and pouring over the internet to see what could possibly be wrong. It has a variety of outcomes- some terrible and some completely insignificant. Here, 20 weeks later, I am realizing that I am of the zero complications camp. But I spent weeks upset about the possibilities.

    I have no experience or knowledge of your specific circumstance and only wish you the very best. But from my own experience (as hard as it is), it is really best to only talk to your personal doctors about your personal experience.

    Good luck!
  • I had a few markers at my A/S and was referred to an MFM who was not concerned much at all.

    It's important to remember that OBs have high malpractice insurance rates. They are very careful and thorough, and have to check everything out, just for those small percentages of times it might not be ok. Hang in there!
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