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Painful sex

Anyone else still having pain during sex? I had a c-section so I didn't think I would have any problems but it's still incredibly painful. It's so bad that I have no desire at all, and when we do we usually have to stop because it hurts so bad. Is this normal? DD is four months old.

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    I've been having moderate pain (vaginal birth with a tear). It still hurts 18 weeks out at the start of sex then it gets better.

    Have you been using tons of lube? You may be very dried out (totally normal!).

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  • I also had a CS and the more we do it the more it hurts.
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  • If you are BFing then it's probably lack of estrogen. Try more lube if that doesn't work maybe ask your dr for estrogen cream.

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  • The only thing that hurts for me Is my cervix, with some lower abdominal pain. Anyone else have this?
  • Talk to your dr. I was having serious pain and come to find out 4 months later I had a swollen ligament that was preventing us. Granted I delivered vaginally with a 3rd degree cut but 2 weeks later after 600mg of ibuprofen a day and all good. They want to help.
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