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Sorry if I've missed a post but was wondering if anyone has attempted a home VBAC?

I'm still in the planning stages of ttc#2 but I already know that it will be important to me to attempt a VBAC at home. Research only gives facts and figures and was hoping there might be someone who could share their experiance, perhaps offer advice...


  • I haven't had an HBAC, but am (hopefully) going to have a hospital VBAC. I'm 38 weeks today.

    What's making you consider an HBAC rather than a vbac in the hospital?
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  • You would probably have to shop around for a midwife who would be willing to do it and I imagine they'd want you quite close to a hospital. Chances are, you'd be fine, but many might not want to take the chance.

    Sorry, I know that wasn't helpful. Good luck!

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  • That's originally what I wanted to do but the closer I got the more nervous I was about it and I've decided to do my second VBAC at the hospital. 38+4
  • Sorry it's taken a while to respond - fevers, vaccinations, teething; it all adds up.
    Thank you all for taking the time to comment. I'm UK based and the health service can be quite accommodating in terms of birth choices - if discouraging. HBAC is a possibility as long as the pregnancy is healthy.

    @RunnerMeg I struggled with PTSD following an emergency C. Considering several personal factors, I feel I will have a safer and happier experiance at home.
  • I wanted to do a HBAC just to make my birth experience completely different with my 1st! I have a lot of bad feelings towards my first delivery. Due to my own fears, and my husband being completely against it. I have changed Dr's and plan to deliver at the hospital which I am coming to terms with and feel ok and at peace with. I do feel pretty strongly, that if we have a healthy VBAC that my husband will be more on board with a home birth for our 3rd child. So that is my goal! :) 
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  • @ammiddleton3 hope you get the best possible outcome for both this babe and #3, when the time comes.
    I also have some strong feelings about my 1st birth experience that I took a long time to work through. Thankfully,  my partner has acknowledged my need to at least try at home and is willing to support me provided she can be provided with the risk factors, stay informed through pregnancy and labour and have several contingency plans written down clearly and ready to refer to on the day. Lol. Kinda makes me feel safer about the whole thing knowing how prepared she'll be when the time comes.
  • Thank you! I really appreciate that! My husband is very supportive of me trying for a vbac, and I think will be my rock during the delivery. I wish he was a little more open to the idea of home birth this go around, but I'm nervous about it myself like I said so I am ok to compromise right now. 
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  • I'm 33 weeks and planning an hbac! So excited to deliver at home this time. 

  • I had a home birth after 2 cesareans. It was amazing, healing, and took a lot of time and research before I was willing to consider it. I had a very experienced midwife and supportive husband. I was also fairly close to a hospital.
  • @Marettie best of luck for a safe, happy & healthy delivery. Do keep in touch :)

    @Trinidad112 If I might ask, did you have to deal with any unsupportive opinions whilst planning your hbac? If so, how did you handle it?
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