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vbac or repeated c-section

From all the risk I'm hearing for my doc with me tryn vaginally I was wonder how anyone's second c-section went? Was it worst than the first? Was it harder to recover?

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  • I've had 2 sections , I remember with 2nd being up and about quicker and in less pain , currently 18 weeks pregnant and will probably be having a 3rd x
  • I had two C-Sections and had a great recovery with both.  I'm now pregnant with my 3rd and thinking I might try VBAC.  I'm all of a sudden scared of having a 3rd C-Section.  My second CS was very easy to recover from, I was up and walking that same day.  

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  • I had a section with my first and a med-free VBAC with my second. Hands down, the VBAC was much better. The recovery was a piece of cake, compared to a section. Look into ICAN, find a supportive provider and hire a doula. A VBAC is safer than a surgery. 
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  • I'm in the same place. I'm worried that my labor will stall and I'll have to have a repeated c-section. It switches daily, but I'm leaning towards repeated c-section right now.. But VBAC isn't off the table. 
  • It depends (from my understanding) how long in between pregnancies you've had. I have 7 years in between mine and my dr highly recommends a VBAC. Im going for vbac this time around but my sister had 2 c-sections and recovered fairly easily from both and her two are exactly 2 years apart. I've always heard once you've had one, the second is easier but Im not a fan of surgery and I had an awful time with my first. 
  • C/s recovery is just as unpredictable and comes with lots of risks too. Make sure you research both sides before you make your decision. 

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