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  • Wtf- I spent All. Damn. Day. Watching SOA and didn't shut it off until 11. Went to bed and fell asleep shortly after. I've now been wide awake since 4. I just want an 8 hour night of sleep. Is that seriously too much to ask!??
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  • It's 3.30am and I woke needing to pee but... One of the neighbours have music blaring? And it's officially Monday here. It's annoying me, who can stay in bed, but I feel sorry for whoever has to get up and go to work around us today!!
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  • And I thought I was on a roll...2 nights in a row of good sleep...and we're back. Anyone else say, "Pleeeeeease not again!"?
  • Me, me!
    Dang holidays have my schedule all out of whack. And I'm crunching tums. Hurrah.

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  • DS and my bladder double-teamed me to wake up at 2:30. DS wanted to sing "Joy to the World." No more Christmas songs...
  • Aaaaand I'm awake...decided to turn the air up to 70 instead of 68 tonight because I know DH likes it hot rather than cold, and I felt like 68 was kinda cold at times since the temp has been dropping outside, but 70 is always just too hot. Setting it at 69 is perfect other than me not liking things set on odd numbers. But it looks like I'll have to get over that for the time being.
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  • Why do I need to think of everything at 2am? I guess I can partly blame tonight's waking on the dog outside. My FIL has chickens, and I hope they're okay. He had 10 and a rooster, then between them getting sick and (most of them) getting eaten, he's down to 2 and the good-for-nothing rooster. Hopefully nothing got in their coop tonight. :#
  • Apparently I am having a

    Bc I've been up with heartburn since 3. Tried to avoid bumping in hopes of falling back asleep but nah. Maybe I should go play you a word in our game ;)

    :/ Apparently I'm just going to give birth to a giant hairball. I have heartburn so often it's frustrating. I just ate a toasted pb&j and that alone gave me heartburn.

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  • Just wanted to put this out there in case it helps anyone else.  I had been getting horrible sleep for weeks because of sore hips from sleeping on my side (even w/a snoogle) and heartburn.  I'd been using Tums, which helped at first but weren't doing much anymore.  I finally talked to my doctor about it and she recommended Pepcid.  I know many of us try to avoid taking meds, but one Pepcid before bed has kept the really bad, keeps-me-up heartburn away.  For my hips, I had a prenatal massage a couple of weeks ago and noticed how comfortable the side-lying arrangement they had me in was, so I tried to replicate it as much as possible in my bed.  Which basically means whichever side I'm lying on the bottom leg is straight and the top leg is bent and resting on TWO pretty fluffy pillows.  Having the top leg on a high stack of pillows seems to be the key, since my snoogle wasn't doing it on it's own.  The masseuse said you need to try to get your top leg high enough so your knee is parallel with your top hip and not angled down.  My hips don't get sore at night anymore!  I flip flop a lot during the night, so I set up two pillows on both sides of me so I don't have to transfer the pillows multiple times a night when I'm half asleep, which unfortunately means DH has been banished to the couch since I'm taking up all the room in our small double bed, but he kindly says it is worth it if I'm getting better sleep.  I still wake up now and then to pee or switch sides, but I'm NOT up b/c of pain from my hips or heartburn, which is a huge improvement!
  • UGH!!!!!!!!!! I can't get comfortable. I'm not in pain, just not comfortable. And any time I do seem to be falling asleep, DH makes one of his fifty different nightly noises and wakes me right back up!! I'm SO ready for March to be here and LO to be out so I can at least lay however the hell I want to. I always go to sleep on my sides no matter how difficult it is, but almost always wake up on my back where I'm ten times more comfortable. I'm lucky that I have tomorrow off, but I still want to be sleeping so that my sleep schedule doesn't get all flipped around. Tonight I'm just getting so much more frustrated than normal and just want to cry...
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  • @CecilB93 I hear you! Just totally uncomfortable.

    I was finally having a night without heartburn keeping me up, then my 8-year old comes in at 2:30 am to tell me his knee hurts. I walk him back to bed, but then I can't get back to sleep!! And so hungry! I normally ignore middle of the night hunger calls because I can't lie down after eating, but this was ridiculous. So now I'm waiting for the yogurt and granola to settle a bit before trying to lie down again. It's almost 4am. I have a busy day tomorrow, er, today! :(
  • I want to cry. My DH is sick so he was snoring horribly. I picked up my pillow fort and moved into the spare room. It was wonderful! Quiet, I had tons of room. 3 am he wakes up, discovers I'm gone and comes to find me. Now he's woken me up, so my heartburn is back, baby's kicking me, he's fallen asleep and is snoring again! Plus he loves to cuddle and sleep in the middle of the bed so I feel crowded and am over heating. It was sweet he came to check on me but there was a reason I left!

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  • It's 640 am here and I have gotten about a total of and hour and a half of sleep. 40minutes of that was a bad dream where my dad's mounted deer heads came to life and we're haunting me. So painfully uncomfortable. Gravity is working against me and I can't find a position that does not hurt. :( unisom isn't strong enough to handle this. Darn this sucks
  • Fml seriously!!??? I:30 am wide awake and hungry. I eat a bowl of honeycomb cereal. It is now 3:15 and I'm STILL HUNGRY!!!

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  • I have my 3hr GD test in about 3 hours and I'm sitting here a blubbering mess because DH just left to go to the airport for a business trip. I hate when he leaves every single time.

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  • Been awake since 3:15, finally roll over to try and sleep and LO decides he's hungry...I don't wanna get back out of bed :(
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  • *hugs* @bntfroggie

    I never fell back asleep after my 3am feeding (lol).  I stopped at Mc Donald's for a LARGE frappe and I don't care HOW much caffeine was in it- I needed it!

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  • My 2yo woke up with a tummy bug. This is my first experience with this and I'm exhausted, emotional and stressed out. I've been dozing, panicking, comforting, cleaning and doing laundry all night
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  • 3:45 am here and I've been awake since 2. Between the heartburn and the snoring DH, I'm not sure I'll get to sleep again tonight. Ugh. Thank God it's the weekend!

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  • 1:33 am and I'm awake. It's summer in January again (Gross, just keep cold, winter). My nephew downstairs and DH are snoring it up. There's this weird clicking sound downstairs, which DH will go investigate if it keeps up. And I'm just stressing out about the baby coming in 7-ish weeks. Sunday Funday, y'all.
  • I tossed and turned in till 530 am. Sleep is a thing of the past, at least for the next year
  • sigh....probably the next two years for me. If this baby is anything like her brother, she won't sleep through the night till she's two. Lord help me.
  • So glad I'm not the only one suffering. Between starving at 4 am, and heartburn I rarely sleep anymore. But let me tell you, I'll doze off about an hour before the alarm goes off, and be miserable all day! I think I'm going to start giving into my naps, because clearly I can't sleep at night regardless!
  • I woke up at 12:30 to a giant crashing sound in the closet. I woke up DH to go check it, and he said I didn't hear anything then fell back asleep. He's probably right. I'm stressed, exhausted, and just had a terrible dream about stopping a bad guy in a hotel. Ugh, I need to go back to sleep, but I don't want to repeat that wake up call.
  • im pretty sure I wake up every 45 mins to an hour. Left side my hip gets sore, right side I end up on my back (no matter how many pillows I use) and then there's the pee breaks. And now I've started with an awful chest cold/cough and am all around achy. I've been lucky to have an easy pregnancy, so I feel bad even complaining but tonight has been a rough one. counting down the days til LO is here! 
  • I got 3 hrs last night, finally falling asleep at 4am, only to have my DH wake me up to have a discussion at 5am that could have waited until tonight. I couldn't fall back asleep after that and all day at work I couldn't wait to get home to nap..... 

    Well, I came home to an extra puppy. 

    Thankfully its its a friend's puppy and she's just visiting, but they left her here and now I have to baby sit to make sure our 3 year old lab doesn't squash her. So no nap for me. I can't tell you how upset and tired and exhausted and everything I am right now.
  • Ugh, that's not cool. At least you get to play with all that adorableness. 

    4am now. I'm finally headed to bed. Not sure why I thought it would be a good idea to stay up this late working. Will pay for it tomorrow.
  • diablesse said:
    Ugh, that's not cool. At least you get to play with all that adorableness. 

    4am now. I'm finally headed to bed. Not sure why I thought it would be a good idea to stay up this late working. Will pay for it tomorrow.
    My poor DH thought he was being "sweet" and that it would make me feel better... I felt bad for getting mad at him after he told me that.... Men are weird though. Lol 
  • Almost 3:30 and I think I've slept for maybe an hour. For once I don't have heartburn but now I can't get comfortable. DH just got home from work an hour ago so I missed the non snoring in bed. Now I'm just sitting on the couch crying and flipping though the channels. 
  • It's 5am and my DD has no intentions of going back to sleep from her 3:30 feeding so, I thought I would check in and see how the late nights were going for everyone else?

  • Not night anymore, but constantly awake every night :/ it sucks 
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  • Bumping as im sure quite a few of us are up nursing newborns!  Nearly 1am here, lo sleot from 8pm till 11.45pm. Did i sleep? Nooooo so feed and back to bed, but she only seems to sleep about 2 hours a time from now, and stays up about 2 hours in between. Dh is doing nightshift at wirk so no help there : (
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