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Second "period" after D&C, but not really...

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Hi all. I hope that everyone reading this is doing well. I had a D&C Nov 6 for a missed mc. Didn't have any spotting or anything after. 30 days to the day, I had a quick, 48 hour spotting period. Never had that light of a period before but I figured my period could be different after the D&C. 30 days from that would be Saturday (it's Thursday today), and I have had light brown/dark brown spotting all week. If this doesn't actually turn into a regular period, would you be concerned? I'm wondering if I should call the doc Monday and ask some questions...    Thanks in advance to anyone who has had the same/kindof the same situation and has any advice! Happy New Year!  Edited: I did not temp this cycle so I do not know for certain if I ovulated, I do know I got two positive OPK's two days apart so really no idea. I was winging it this month.

Re: Second "period" after D&C, but not really...

  • I'm sorry for your loss. Did you follow your Hcg levels done to 0? Did you have a repeat ultrasound to be sure everything was gone? I only ask because I also had a d&c after my mc on 10-6 and it took a full month for my tests to turn negative and then 2 additional weeks before I got my first awful period. My cycles have been pretty regular since then but not everyone is.
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