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Time off following IVF

Hello Ladies

I am about to start my first round of IVF in Jan. 2016 and will be doing the FET in April. i work as an occupational therapist in a rehab setting with lots of time on my feet and lifting and assisting patients and am wondering how much time anyone recommends for taking off following a transfer especially with a fairly physically demanding job. 

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Re: Time off following IVF

  • Hi there.  I just had my FET in November.  I was off my feet (sort of, I have a toddler) for two days.  I work as an administrative assistant, I sit a lot but also do a lot of running around the office. I was a nervous wreck about not taking more time off.  With my first IVF round I took the week off of work. My husband brought up an ice chest with food and drinks so I didn't have to walk up and down the stairs. I literally laid in bed for three days! 

    This last time, I went shopping and out to eat after my FET, then I laid in bed for the rest of the night. Took my son to daycare the next day and hung around the house and mostly laid in bed. Then I was back to work and doing the same thing I always did. Even lifting some boxes here and there, going up and downstairs and all that. I think if the baby is going to stick, it's going to stick. My lining was pretty plush, as my doc said at 12.6. I think that helped. 

    Good luck!!!!!!
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