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I went to my doctor yesterday about pain on the left side of my belly button. It turns out it is a small hernia. Has anyone else ever experienced one of these? I asked about it harming my baby, and he said no it won't. But, if you've experienced one of these.. Did you do anything to prevent it from bothering you?

Re: Hernia

  • Ouch that sounds painful!  Hopefully it doesn't give you too much grief as you keep getting stretched out.
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  • I hope not, but every little thing is totally worth it! I won't ever complain about it, because it's just so worth it all to me!
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  • God definitely has blessed my whole family and I!
  • I have one behind my belly button too. It's super annoying but not much you can do about it. It got worse with my first the further along I got and I had planned to get it fixed before getting pregnant again but surprise! I normally only noticed it every couple months but as everything got bigger and the more pressure caused daily pain. Hopefully yours is smaller and won't cause many issues :)
  • Did yours hurt? Like if you stood up for a while or turned the wrong way, did it just randomly hurt like crazy?!
  • Yes, it is also really sore to the touch. It sounds really weird but sometimes if I hunch over a little and kinda push on little (not really hard) I can pop it back in and that seems to help a little. I don't know if that is advisable but it has worked for me in the past.
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