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*TW* Spotting and Scared

Im 6weeks today, first pregnancy and I just discovered some spotting.  I have been hunting out answers and I understand brown is good, though this is medium flow rather than light which is scaring me.  I don't have any cramping or pain anywhere which is a good sign.  I have an appointment in 3nights and I can't get in any earlier.  There isn't really anything else to do but try to stay calm and relax.  This could be normal or it might not be - either way, its up to the Universe and whatever happens I will have to make the best of it.
But right now I feel like curling into a ball and having a big cry.  Husband is at work and only my sister knows Im pregnant - she lives out of town and is at a wedding today so I don't want to burden her with this - especially as it may turn out to be no big deal.  I just feel very alone and sad.
Positive thoughts, reassurances and prayers much appreciated!
Have you experienced this and came out ok?

Re: *TW* Spotting and Scared

  • Thinking of you!
    Hopefully it's just a little spotting and everything with baby is ok.
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    Thanks Andrea.  Fingers and toes crossed.
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  • Sending good thoughts your way!
  • Sending lots of positive vibes your way!

  • Sending positive thoughts that all is well!
  • Thank you ladies - it helps to feel Im not the only one wishing and hoping for everything to be ok.
  • Sending positive thoughts your way. My ob told me yesterday that spotting is very normal. Also not having any other symptoms is also great. *Fingers crossed*
  • Hi, try to relax, keep your feet up and rest.    I went through this week 5- 6.  Except it was heavy flow, like gushing, I thought for sure it was over, and went in on exactly 6 weeks, and to both our surprise, there was the heartbeat and our baby!  Had a check up on 6+4 and all good and I have one Wednesday!  Bleeding has since stopped, but defiantley the scariest week I've ever had.     So just try to stay positive and be still and rest,  positive vibes, thoughts and prayers your way! 
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  • Oh Jeepers CJ - that must have been a roller-coaster of emotions - I am glad to hear all turned out well for you.  I hope the same for me.
    Thank you, and also Mrs Addy for your thoughts and prayers.
  • I'm in the same boat. Been spotting on and off for a week now. I have an ultrasound in 2 days so I'm just hoping that all is ok.

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  • I know easier said then done but try not to worry. Spotting or bleeding is normal during pregnancy. I had almost periods the first 3 months with my son. It scared me every time, but he is a healthy 8 year old now. Also remember everyone will have a different opinion on what is "light" flow.
    The no pain is a big part of why you should try not to worry. I just lost a baby not to long ago and there was pain and cramping and all sorts of stuff to go with it. Keep your head up, and cry if you need to!
  • Fingers crossed for you Lil.

    Thanks for your reassurance Bridget - so sorry to hear of your loss.  I am feeling a little bit calmer now - thank goodness for the education and support available here - everything you said does make sense so yes, trying not to worry too much.
  • I'm going through the same thing this week.  Tuesday I had bad painful cramps and then bright red blood.  Was in my RE's office within 20 mins for an u/s and the sac was still there looking good nice and high in my uterus, so he said not to worry and that bleeding can happen, which I already knew.  (I had a SCH bleed with my first, so I had experienced this before but last time it was one blob of bright red blood and then just lots of yucky tacky brown stuff for about a week, then all was fine.)  Later that afternoon when I was home the cramping continued and got worse and I passed a huge clot the size of a matchbox car.  I was SURE that was it.  I went in during monitoring Wednesday morning, and low and behold, baby was still there and still way up high in my uterus.  However, they also took some blood and later in the day I found out that my hcg dropped from 7400 on Monday to 6200....not good when it should be doubling every other day at this point.  They said come back Monday for my regular ultrasound and blood work, but I asked if I could just get another hcg draw on Friday, so I did that and it was back up over 9000.  WTF???  Such an emotional and physical roller coaster.  I'm going back on Monday, which should be 6w4d, and we're hoping to see and maybe hear the heartbeat, and hopefully my hcg will be up again.  I'm not sure this makes you feel better, but I just wanted to share my week and let you know that you're not alone and blood, not matter how much or how little, is always scary in pregnancy.  Hang in there!!  I'll be here with my FX for all of us going through something like this.
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    I started spitting this evening and my first appointment isn't until the 11th. I'm freaking out. Positive vibes for everyone!!!
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  • I stated spotting at 6 weeks , it continued for a week I went in for my first appointment and saw babys heartbeat! So relieved! But my progesterone had dropped to an 8. Dr said that could cause my spotting and started me on progesterone. Stressing makes it so much worse! Stay positive (I know it's so hard) Hoping all is well with little one!
  • Thinking of you and sending positive vibes your way!! Keep us posted with updates. Stay strong!
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  • Spotting can be very normal, but maybe call your doctor to communicate what is going on. Even if you haven't ever seen them. It's always good to communicate what is going on. Sending lots of T&Ps for you and SkiChic.
  • +1 on taking it easy! I've been spotting as well, and it's scary as heck but it is apparently pretty common! Hang in there and try to stay positive!
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  • Sending you positive thoughts! The waiting game is hard, but try to relax and focus on all the positive things.
  • Sending you positive thoughts and hoping you can try to relax. Harder said than done I know.
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  • Sending you positive thoughts! It's very hard to stay calm even though it's common, I've been really nervous too about my spotting. As PPs mentioned my ultrasound also looked great, so it can be fine. 

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  • I went through this at about 5-6 weeks.  All turned out fine!  Prayers for you! 

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  • I just had my scan and bean is perfect :) measuring right on my edd based on my lmp, with a strong heartbeat. I just about cried when I saw the heart beat. I'd convinced myself that I had had a mmc. So happy.

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