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Worries? (TW - discussing MC)


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  • Well... Looks like I might be out too. Had some light (but bright red) spotting last night. Went to ER and they said the ultrasound didn't show anything and my hormone levels are too low to be 5 wks. She said I'm likely having a chemical pregnancy, or there is about a 20% chance that I may just be super duper early and got pg later in my cycle than normal ppl. I think I've come to peace with it either way, just ready to know one way or the other. Best wishes to you all!
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  • I think a lot of women go thru that.  It's just so scary.
    I've had two so obviously I'm just assuming.
    I also check all the time to see if there is blood.

    I think the best thing to do is just try to think positive... and I know that's hard, I have major worry problems.  
    But I love that chart up on top. Really nice to see such good numbers as you make it day by day.

    Good luck.  You're not alone!

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  • Thinking of you, @strickland8052 !
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    @strickland8052 I'm so sorry to hear your news. What did they say your numbers were at? Odd they agreed to a 5 week ultrasound? I was under the impression that nothing would show until 6 weeks in most pregnancies, and even then some don't see a sac yet. Do they plan to keep checking your levels and repeating an ultrasound at 6 weeks?

    I know people who have bled all throughout their first trimester. Keep you in my thoughts. I truly hope it's a positive outcome.
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  • @FiancB I'm so sorry for your loss. thoughts are with you and everyone else going through that.
  • My levels were at 11. Yesterday the heavy cramping and bleeding started. I go in on Monday to confirm what I already know with a blood test.

    I guess I just stressed too much.... (Gee, thanks!)
  • I'm so sorry, @strickland8052
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  • Sending thoughts of comfort to you ladies @KDHB13 @meg32il and @strickland8052. I know the struggle is tough and there aren't really words to make it feel better. I do know that you ladies are mothers, and know a mothers love.

    @Lilypadjump have you ever suffered a mc or two or three? Many of us have. You don't get to tell people with traumatic histories to stop worrying. When I am upset or amped or angry and my husband tells me to calm down, guess what happens? I get even more upset, and calming down at that moment isn't an option. The proper way to communicate with people under stress is to acknowledge it, talk about, help them take their minds off it. You have done nothing but exacerbate the stress.
  • @strickland8052 I'm so sorry.
    Sorry I asked a million questions too, but I was trying to be hopeful for you. My numbers were even lower than yours for my beta, so I still try to encourage women to not fully give up hope until AF comes, b/c I was told I'll have a CP. I'm still not in the clear, either), and it crushed me.
    I'll keep you in my prayers.
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  • I had a miscarriage less than a month ago. I'm so blessed to be pregnant again, but am so completely terrified.

    Every time I go to the bathroom I expect to be bleeding.

    My friend suggested that I read positive pregnancy affirmations. And they help me. It's a waiting game. And it's a sucky waiting game. But in the end it's worth it. (I have a 13 month old)
  • I have not suffered a loss, but this pregnancy I am very afraid of the possibility. I look at that chart that was posted here every day to remind myself chances are good that there will be a baby. But i still can't help but worry. I have an u/s at 7w 5d, and if everything looks good, I'm hoping I can stress less. But of course being pregnant the worry never goes completely away. I try to keep my faith at the front of my mind, and when I'm able to do that, I feel better.
    Hopefully the next 2 months go fast and we don't lose anymore august babies... so sorry to those of you suffering now. My heart is with you.
  • My thoughts are with anyone going through a loss. Unfortunately, I have been there.

    Sorry for the novel that follows.

    This is my fourth pregnancy. I was constantly worried during my first pregnancy. I experienced spotting at least four times and my blood pressure was high for most of my third trimester. I consumed moderate amounts of caffeine and lunchmeat until my BP spiked, and deliver a healthy full term baby who turns 2 this week.

    I had a BFP again this April (2 days short of 2 years after my BFP for my son...we apparently have a get lucky week). I decided to be cool and calm since it was my second rodeo. I cut caffeine, pledged to avoid lunchmeat and eat healthier. When I started spotting at 9 weeks, I thought nothing of it but called my OB. I was devastated when I realized that the ultrasound tech couldn't find a heartbeat. I treasured the last few days of that pregnancy because it was all the time I had with my baby.

    Last month I had a chemical pregnancy. I told my husband I wasn't sure if I wanted to try again afterwards, and I gave up charting partway through my cycle. When AF didn't show up by CD30, I returned to my POAS addict ways. I still haven't said the words "I'm pregnant" out loud. I showed the HPT to my husband so he could verify it was a darker line than last month, which really required squinting to see. I told him today I need a fancy toilet with a bidet because I can't stop checking TP for blood.
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  • @hahaeger I LOVE that thought. Perfect!
  • I agree with @hahaeger

    I spent my entire (brief) last pregnancy focusing on negativity, and never was able to be excited or cherish his/her life. Everyone around me is scared to be excited about this pregnancy, but I know now that I'll never regret loving the heck out of this person, whereas I do regret not being positive enough for our lost baby.
  • This is my first pregnancy and i never knew until recently reading about it here on one of the boards that it is possible for heartbeat to have stopped days or weeks before you have any idea!!??? Ever since then I've been really nervous. We had decided not pass up the opportunity share our news with family at Christmas even though I'll only be 8w4d. But now as gets closer I can't stand the idea of announcing it to everyone when there's a chance i might not evrn have a viable pregnancy while I'm telling them. I called ob and asked how much an extra u/s would cist and I'm toying with the idea of spending $300 for some peace of mind, but also feel guilty because we can't really afford that. Ughhh! How are we expected survive all this waiting?
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