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Day Care Teacher Christmas Gift

It just dawned on me to ask the question, do you get your LO's day care teacher a Christmas gift? I have really struggled with being back at work and if this is something that moms normally do I don't want to have the kid who's mom didn't get them something. I already struggle whether or not they give him enough attention.
If you do give gifts what do you give?
I was thinking a $5-$10 gift card to Starbucks or Target

Re: Day Care Teacher Christmas Gift

  • I used to be a daycare teacher, and it was pretty normal for the parents to get us small gifts. At the same time, I was never one to treat a baby differently because of something like that.
    A small gift card is a great gift! Most parents do give gift cards (for some reason the big three are target Starbucks and panera). If you really know the person, something else small would be nice, but don't feel the need to go overboard.
    (I will say that my favorite gift a parent for me was a really nice pair of socks. We didn't wear shoes in the classroom, to keep germs and dirt at a minimum, and the floors were really cold.)
  • That's a great idea! My day care teachers don't wear shoes either, I hadn't thought of socks!
    I've only been going for about a week so I don't know them well enough to get them something personal
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  • Gift cards are awesome for teachers! I worked in daycare for 7 years and those were by far the preferred gifts. Even just a small one is a nice gesture. $5 at Starbucks or Dunkin donuts will buy coffee or breakfast. Other suggestions: movie tickets (you can get discounted ones at Costco), a travel mug for a teacher you know drinks coffee or tea, food items. If it's a big daycare, chances are a lot of parents are bringing in sweets- I know we used to OD on Christmas cookies and treats during the holidays. If you have several teachers to buy for, getting something like bagels for breakfast is a nice idea, or ordering pizza for lunch. Socks are nice, too, especially for infant room teachers who do not wear shoes in the classroom.

    Things to avoid: smelly lotions, candles, soap.
  • Every so often I bake a treat for the daycare staff. Although my daughter has a primary carer, she interacts with a number of staff and has her own favourites, so I bake a plate of something as a thank you to all the staff for what they do.

    When I've felt really enthusiastic I've had the girls help make it and made a thank you card with a picture of the girls doing the baking.
    Elizabeth 5yrs old Jane 3yrs old

  • I'm thinking of baking cookies or cupcakes or something like that. I like the idea of gift cards but there are 2 main teachers in the infant room, as well as a few other helpers and other teachers that go between the different age groups depending on the day. I think baked goods are easier for everyone to get at and no one will feel left out.

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