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Moving with a new born? Help

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We were very excited to find that we were pregnant until we found out the army is moving us across seas less than 2 months after the baby is born. This is our first. Does anyone have any advice?

Re: Moving with a new born? Help

  • This is not first hand experience, but I would make sure baby is set up on tricare prime before you move so you have a more seamless care. We'll be moving soon after baby too, but it will probably be CONUS.
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  • My husband was not able to switch our tricare coverage to overseas prime until we were at our duty station and it was done the first few days as part of his briefings. OP my best advise is to find out where you are going and research and talk to other moms like crazy! You'll find some places overseas to be amazing and similar to home, others not so much. Traveling with a newborn can be easier than what you imagine and transitioning overseas can be difficult, but in our case the base made it easy by providing us with essential furniture delivered to our home until ours arrived and other mil families rent out their vehicles cheaply to help families save money. The biggest challenge you'll find is as your child grows it does suck being so far from family. You feel they miss out or you could use the help and support of having them closer. I imagine with a newborn it may put you in a normal slump after a few weeks when you arrive. Know it's a sacrifice made by Sooo many families! You're not alone, be vocal so you don't fall into any type of depression and make friends!!!! Overseas living can be amazing and at a young age your child gets to experience so much and learn so much just as you get to! Try not to stress.
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