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Any moms out there have the Baby Brezza Or Born Free bottle maker?

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My little one has been on ready to feed Similac since 5 weeks when my BM supply dwindled. I will be starting powered formula since he is 8 weeks now and want to make a pitcher to use for the day. My little one always has bad gas and the formula makers don't make any air bubbles and makes a smooth consistency. Just wanted to know if any mommas out there use either one of these machines and how they like it.

Re: Any moms out there have the Baby Brezza Or Born Free bottle maker?

  • I have the Baby Brezza and I LOVE it!!!! It made my life SO much easier! Gas has been better with it and there's no mixing and heating bottles which is AMAZING during those late night feedings and when he's a cranky pants during the day!
  • Second this^^^^^^ I love it!!!! It makes our lives so much easier!!! Especially during night feelings!!!!! But down fall is when they get use to it and ur out and have to warm it up my LO throws a little fit lol
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  • We have the Brezza too and it makes bottle feeding so much easier. The daily cleaning isn't too bad but the monthly cleaning where you have to take everything apart sucks, because you can't put it back in until it is 100% completely dry. So if you go that route, feed the baby and then clean the machine so that everything is nice and dry by the time you need to feed again.

    Also, when you first use it - check the consistency against that of a handmade bottle. I had no problems using Enfamil newborn, but someone in a group I'm in was using Gerber I think, and she said it was like water compared to how thick a handmade bottle of the Gerber was.
  • I also have the brezza and love it!
  • Love the brezza! Got it as a gift, not on my registry and I'm so glad we have it
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