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  • We've only old our mom on Thanksgiving. Having already two miscarriages I only want to tell people I also want to tell if we lose this pregnancy.  We have an ultrasound on Tuesday at 6 weeks.  Maybe, we might tell the rest of the family on Christmas, but maybe not.  We'll decide when it gets closer I suppose.  It's hard to keep such a secret for Christmas.

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  • I've told my husband of course, my mom and a few close friends. We are having a hard time keeping this a secret since we are so excited. We are telling the in laws this weekend. I feel comfortable with all of these people knowing because if something were to happen, God forbid, I know these people would be there to support us! Waiting to post on FB until first U/S in January.
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  • Besides my husband I have told one girl that I work with, just so it seems more real!  We are waiting to tell our immediate family and friends on Christmas.  It will be made public when I'm 15 weeks.
  • So far, only DF and my best friend know. I wanted to wait a until 6w to tell her but tomorrow is my Bachelorette Party, and I knew I would need her help keeping the secret. She has agreed to drink for all three of us.

    We are planning to tell our parents and siblings on Christmas, when I'll be just shy of 8w. I wanted to wait until after our first u/s, but that's not until the 30th and a Christmas announcement is just too exciting to pass up.

    We are considering announcing to everyone -- literally -- at our wedding in January, when I'm 11 weeks. What do you think -- is that too much for one day?
  • @Tra1010011 It's your day for people to celebrate. It wouldn't be right to announce at someone else's wedding but at yours absolutely go for it.
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  • I told my mom and two of my best friends already and we will tell other people likely after Christmas or the first ultrasound. There's no real reason why we are waiting other than that I just don't want someone to post something on facebook as I have co-workers on there and don't want any of them knowing until I'm ready to let work know.

  • I told my DH, best friend, and then my SIL who is my partner in crime with infertility and my mom.

    I work midnights as a nurse and I told a few charge nurses just in case I need help with turns...the early cramping had my totally psyched out and I was worried. First timer here. But I deactivated FB and don't plan to tell anyone else.

    I had a ton of guilt about telling people early!! But I am not one to suffer in silence. I like to talk stuff out with my closest people. They would know exactly what to do or say if this ends in a loss. So I guess it's okay in my world. DH doesn't care either way but is wailing to tell his friends .
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  • I've told dh, my sister and bff that I text daily from my july2013 bmb.
  • I called my best friend as soon as the stick turned pink. I also told two other friends who have been in the same infertility boat as we were in who are both pregnant as well!!
  • For some reason it cut half my response out. Weird! Any ways, I was saying I haven't told my hubby yet!! I tested on Saturday but he won't be home until Thursday!! I made a poster that reads "welcome home daddy!" And I'll be filling the living room with pink and blue balloons. I'm staying home from work that day to make sure I'm home before he gets home! Eeeep!
  • Just found out today and my sister, sil, and 3 of our close friends know because I'm horrible at keeping secrets. I'm telling DH tomorrow during an already planned photoshoot that he's doing with our daughter. Hoping to get his reaction on camera ;)
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  • @rexxybear10 thanks! The last time around I ran out of the bathroom and showed him the positive right away. Since he was working this time it worked in my favor since I was able to actually plan a cute way to tell him!
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  • We waited until end of first tri when we had an ultrasound pic to show and tell anyone about DD (including immediate family), and we'll do the same with this pregnancy.  Last time we found out the gender super early (around week 13 I think).  I'm hoping for the same this time, that way we can tell the gender at the same time we tell about the pregnancy.  

  • Told my parents, 2brothers (and wives) and my DH's mom. No one else until around 10-13 weeks after first ultrasound. Will do the FB post when I start my 2nd trimester
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  • I found out December 2nd and immediately called my boyfriend and told him.  We went to the doctor for confirmation on December 7th and I'm definitely pregnant.  We weren't trying but now that it's sinking in...I couldn't be more excited but I have NO idea when to tell anyone.  I've never been pregnant before. I feel bad talking to all my friends and family and having a secret but I'm not sure what my chances are for MC because I've never been in this position before.  I guess I'll say a few prayers and let God lead the way :)



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  • Were some excited people. Both sets of parents know. The syblings know and a couple aunts. We are sharing the news with the rest of the family and closest friends in our Christmas card!
  • My parents and best friend who is also pregnant. We will tell more people after the first ultrasound. This is our 2nd baby. We announced at 12 weeks for our first.
  • My MIL , SIL (because MIL "just had to tell someone") and my DH. Won't be telling my parents till 13 weeks. (MIL is a nurse, told her for medical advice/ support).
  • I've told 5 coworkers. I'm close with all of them and I wanted to make sure they're not concerned if I run off to the bathroom in the middle of a conversation or meeting. I'm telling my boss today because parts of my job include lifting things, so that will need to be modified, and I also have some sick time I want to ask about carrying over until next year. Another reason why I told them is because I have a good relationship with them so if anything happened I'd have them to lean on (along with DH, of course).

    My parents are finding out at Christmas. DH's parents are either finding out at Christmas or this weekend (haven't decided yet).

    Everyone else will find out when we announce on Facebook (extended family might get a heads up right before). Valentine's Day starts week 14 for me, so that might be a good day to announce.
  • Husband and my close friends. We are telling family at Christmas and will be out out mid January
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  • My side of the family knows and a few friends. We're telling DH's family after the first U/S right before Christmas, and everyone else around 12-14weeks.
  • I told hubby and a close friend, we will tell one set of grandparents over Christmas. The other set won't find out until the rest of the world. I love them, but they can't keep a secret to save their lives. 


  • I got my BFP on Dec. 6th and only told my husband. We plan on telling our immediate families on Christmas mainly because I want to do it in person. I like how a lot of you have told your best friend or someone you work with. I've read that it's good to tell a mom friend who isn't as attached as family that you can talk to about they way you are feeling. I'm 5w 5d today and I have 3 weeks until my first US. I just want to be able to call someone and talk about how I'm feeling. I want it to be special when I tell my parents, so over the phone won't work. I also have a friend who I know is trying who may also actually be pregnant right now. It would be great to tell her, I just worry it's too early?
  • Just our parents and siblings, and two of my close friends since they knew about the FET.  Everyone else...the plan is to tell around Valentine's Day, but knowing me it'll probably be earlier than that.  With DD we told on Thanksgiving and at that point I was about 10w.
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  • Tw**

    We have told my parents, sister and my in laws.

    The only person who has been excited is my sister. It breaks my heart. I miscarried 5 weeks ago. I feel like nobody trusts my body. So I'll be celebrating this little nugget extra.
  • @JenniferMasters I agree with you. Every baby should be celebrated. I've told almost all family and close friends. Even if something were to happen, I would lean on those people for support, so I think it's only fair that they know. I'll be telling others/ posting on FB probably around 12 weeks.


  •  @ThePax89, we're all excited for you, too! Don't let other people's reactions dampen your spirit!
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  • My ultrasound isn't until Jan 6th and my first appointment with my OB isn't until the 13th. So until that date I don't want us to tell our families yet. I know it's an exciting time and I've taken numerous test and I know I'm pregnant. I want to make sure and go through my two appointments before we tell our families. The only people that know are my boyfriend and my best friend who is a nurse and I had to tell someone!

    I feel awful not telling our parents but I have already had a miscarriage in the past and many problems with my periods and procedures and I just don't want to tell them get all excited and then go to the doctor and them tell me I'm not pregnant anymore! 
  • I will tell those closest to me around Christmas, I should be around 7 weeks at that point. I feel like if we have a MC I will want their support.

    It is looking like I will also need to tell my boss sooner rather than later, based on the constant pee breaks, snacking at my desk to keep away nausea, and the blump I am rocking. Mostly I am waiting for a day when he is in a good mood. Maternal discrimination is very common in our area, and our industry ... so I am not looking forward to it. Or the talk about how the office is legally required to provide a place which is not a bathroom for me to pump in ... 10 months or so. There IS space, the men in the office will just resent the "special treatment." Which is ... everyone but me and the elderly secretary, who also holds pretty traditional views.

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    Immediate family and a few very close friends know... I'd like to keep it under wraps at least until the 2nd trimester. I'm a private person and don't want to have to backtrack should something go wrong. Also, the rest of the people would politely interested in the news but don't need or care to know every detail and timeline. 
  • I was going to wait, but I ended up having to spill the beans early. My job can be dangerous at times and we have had a few violent patients recently. My coworkers needed to know that I will no longer be assisting with combative patients and I will be steering clear. Now that they know, they keep a close eye on me with other patients and they are supportive. Since my work knew, I went ahead and told close friends and family. I won't be doing any facebook posts until later on.
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