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Parties revealing babies sex?

So I'm thinking you're having a party to reveal to my friends and family that it we are having a boy or girl but with just my best friend and the only friend being there and then the rest just family its still roughly 70 people both me and my husband have big families so do you think that's too big for a reveal party or do you think that would be okay since we're only having cupcakes and punch

Re: Parties revealing babies sex?

  • @Hear Me Ro exactly! Perfect Gif!

    @Knottie1433119556 I think I understand what you're asking, and honestly it doesn't matter. It's your party and you can invite whomever you want. My husband and I also have large families and we're looking at a min of 175 ppl for our gender reveal shower. If you can afford it, and you want each and every person there, then invite as many people as you'd like. Good luck and have fun!
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  • Yeah a "party" just to tell people if your kid has a penis or vagina? I mean... I plan on having a family dinner and for desert have a cake where the inside is either pink or blue but that's maybe like 7 people involved in that and it's not gift grabby like throwing a whole party for a sex reveal.
  • I think it depends on a couple factors. Is there going to be a meal? How far away are people coming from? That usually tells me if I need to provide a meal or not. I personally did not have a reveal party and will not for our second either. You can always tell people gifts are not welcome and I never feel as if I need to bring a gift to a gender reveal party. 70 does seem like a lot of people, but do what feels right to you all and enjoy it!
  • I also am not a big fan of these parties. You're inviting 70+ people over just to find out the sex of your kid, are you expecting them each to bring a gift for you? I think people get kind of annoyed when someone wants multiple parties/showers/mom to be showers etc it comes off as begging for attention.
  • I thought about doing a sex reveal party when we were trying but then decided against it. I don't want to spend extra on people just for them to find out the sex of my baby. If we do anything I might just follow the idea of @EasterEggs and do something with our parents, siblings and grandparents, the only people that would truly care about the sex of the baby.

    70 people is a lot. Are you inviting 70+ people to your baby shower? Do you have enough space in your house to hold that many people or do you live somewhere warm and can do it outside?

    I don't think the sex reveal parties are tacky but they should be small and intimate. Maybe you can do a cute social media post or send out cards to those 70 people to share your news that way.
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  • I, on the other side, love gender reveal parties. We are inviting close family and friends who do seem quite excited about it and we are specifying no gifts. We are going to have tons of games and it'll just big, fun get together and we will all find out the gender at once. This is also both of our families first grandbaby so they are thrilled. We love the idea of including our loved ones in that moment. I think it will be wonderful and you can have as many people as you would like at yours, though if you are going to have a baby shower as well, I would opt for no gifts at the reveal, as we are. Cupcakes and punch are just fine, just include fun activities to make it exciting and a memorable experience. :)
  • 70 people is definitely bigger than I'd opt for. We are always team green so it's irrelevant to us, but I don't have anything against sex reveal parties as long as gifts aren't expected (although, no one I know in real life has ever had one so I might feel differently if I was actually getting invited to a bunch of them!) If I was to do one I'd only invite parents, siblings, and maybe grandparents. Probably no friends or just one or two of my best friends who are like family. But you know your family and friends and if you want to do a big party, go for it. I would definitely ask people not to bring gifts though, especially if you're hoping to have a baby shower, because I'd be pissed if a person invited me to multiple parties and expected a gift each time.

    I do think for that many people you should definitely offer more food options. Even just trays of crackers, meats, cheese and veggies/fruit if you're on a budget.
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    Hey guess what OP these posters are not from your family and they don't know them. If you want to host a party and invite your family go for it. If you don't then don't. internet strangers can't tell you how your family would react. I personally don't care either way if people have parties it's a fun excuse to see family and celebrate a new addition now they specifically did not request gifts so that was nice. And did include a family dinner. 70 people is a lot so make sure you don't stress out over that many people, but l also understand issues of having a big family not wanting to cause the drama of not inviting people. Hope you make the decision that is best for you and your family and not just because other people on here don't prefer them.

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  • I'm the oldest of six and my husband is the youngest of four. If we were to have a sex reveal (which we probably won't because we're heavily leaning toward being Team Green) and everyone in our family come it would be 24 people with just parents, siblings, and siblings' children. That's not including the family members that would be offended if not invited (aunts mainly). I can understand how a small party could get to 70 people quickly.

    If you want to have a party, more power to you. I agree with serving some other food items besides cupcakes. Time of day really determines what you should serve and how much. Make sure you have a location that can fit 70 people COMFORTABLY. Perhaps your church or town rental hall (no offense meant if you aren't religious. Small town mind uses church's reception hall for everything).

    Are you finding out the sex prior to the party or will it be a surprise to you as well? I personally feel that if you don't find out at the actual party, then the party seems a bit pointless. My SIL announced her son's sex by baking a cake with blue in the center. She knew ahead of time because she made the cake herself, but since it was just my inlaws' family it wasn't as big a deal. I'm talking ten people including children.
  • It's your party. You do you boo. Invite as many or as few people as you prefer. I personally hate sex reveal parties and have never attended one and won't be having one. But that's the great part about life- everyone can do whatever the hell they want!
  • I like the parties and personally can't wait to have one! If you feel that you need to invite that many people it's your party. I know I am only inviting a handful like immediate family and our close friends (maybe 15- 20 people at most). I planned a reveal party for a friend and it was no gifts, I don't know why you would want gifts for a simple party. It's more like a get together anyways and the shower is when people can bring presents if they wish. Also I liked the idea of having a smaller group and then sending out a announcement, that may help with the numbers.

    And on an ending note, I don't know why so many people are bashing the party! It's an exciting time and something fun to share with people who are just as excited as you are. She's asking a question about how many people she should invite. If you don't like the parties good for you. It seems so rude to me some of the people on here! *end rant*
  • I'm not interested personally in a gender reveal party, but we will probably do a cake for dinner at my moms house eventually. If my husband can keep it a secret long enough. Anyway, I'm a firm believer in doing what you damn well want. But 70 people does seem excessive without at least some hot appetizers
  • With DD we met our parents and siblings at a restaurant after our appointment. We brought Hershey bars for everyone and had them color in he with blue marker or she with pink marker for their guesses. Then we colored in she on our bar and showed it to everyone to announce we are having a girl.

    We will not have a gender revel dinner this time because SIL just had a miscarriage and I can't imagine how hard my pregnancy is going to be on her.

    I agree with others, say no gifts and provide food!

  • I wanted one of these with my first 7 years ago. It was going to be intimate, just my parents, sister and dh mom. But mil is a bitch and made a comment about how it was a weird idea. So my hormonal self got pissed and cancelled it and I felt stupid. More of a mil rant I guess but yes intimate/smaller would be better. Definitely no gifts.
  • My opinion is if you are going to through a gathering of any size to reveal the sex then the parents shouldn't know either.
  • mrsmommya said:

    My opinion is if you are going to through a gathering of any size to reveal the sex then the parents shouldn't know either.


    Gender reveals are tacky enough. But when the parents already know... then it is tacky, AW and looks kind of pathetic.
  • With my last pregnancy we had our a/s 3 days before Mother's Day, so we did a reveal at our Mother's Day celebration. It was so much fun finding out with all our loved ones. It made it feel so much more real and I loved sharing the experience with my parents and ILs.

    That being said it was like 20 people total and we served a meal. We don't know you're family so it's hard to say if all 70 of those people will be equally excited to spend a whole day finding out the sex. But it's your family and if they'll like it, have the party.
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  • That's a lot of people. Do you really think that many people will want to be at a party that size for a sex reveal? If so, ok. But I do think you should serve more food. If it was a smaller get together that wasn't going to last long, cupcakes would be fine, but any party with that many people will go on for a while, and food should go with that.
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  • I like the point made if you are already gathering for another occasion then throw it in there.  My daughter's birthday was just around the time when my sister had found out if she was having a boy or girl.  No one knew she already had the anatomy scan.  My daughter went to open a present and it was just boy balloons.  The look on my mom's face was priceless!  Of course my sis asked my permission first.
  • You would be surprised how many people care about the sex of your baby. Try knowing and not telling anyone. People get downright mad when you do that!
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  • Do it if you want but consider doing it at your baby shower. Babies and weddings have too many parties as it is, and people start to resent showing up for every tiny little thing. As excited as you are about your baby, others obviously aren't as much. They are happy and excited for you, but that's as far as it goes. So they may show up to a cupcake party that lasts an hour but talk about you behind your back afterwards.
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  • I'm all for reveal parties but definitely not 70 people. I seriously doubt most of them would care to spend a weekend day just to find out what you're having. I'm having one with just my parents in-laws and siblings during a family dinner.
  • Personally, I hate 'gender' reveal parties. I've been invited to 2 so far (same family) and we haven't gone either time. I don't care about the sex of their baby and hate that they expect gifts each time. Other than your immediate family, I highly doubt any of the 70 people you plan to invite really cares about the sex of your baby, either. 
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  • I say, if having a party makes you happy, then have one! If people aren't interested, then they won't come! I think it's unfair to say that it's selfish and attention-seeking! What's wrong with having an excuse to have a party with the people you love the most?
  • You would be surprised how many people care about the sex of your baby. Try knowing and not telling anyone. People get downright mad when you do that!

    Why anyone would find out, tell people they found out, but keep it from everyone else is beyond me.
  • acadia07 said:
    You would be surprised how many people care about the sex of your baby. Try knowing and not telling anyone. People get downright mad when you do that!
    Why anyone would find out, tell people they found out, but keep it from everyone else is beyond me.

    Because sometimes you have crazy family members who are negative and say weird things about a certain sex and I don't have the time or energy to deal with that.  We plan to find out and not tell anyone, though I'm not going to announce that we found out. 
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